Abby + Brian

Sedona Creekside Orchard Canyon Wedding

I cannot RAVE more about this power couple! Abby and Brian met in Flagstaff where they currently live and own a gym together. She is fierce and he is gentle. They are this perfect match of fiery and sweet. Intelligent and sweet. Their wedding was nothing but intentional. Their sweet apple orchard canyon ceremony was filled with kind words and so much laughter. And the reception was nothing but a celebration. Their love is strong and friendship is stronger.

Nicole + Justin // Sedona, AZ

Oh the beauty of Sedona and this couple took my breath away. The day started with hovering thunderstorms and soft winds. Nicole and Justin wanted to get married up in Sedona because of the beauty. They have been together for years and years and have two twin four year olds that are the cutest things in the world. This day was all about family and the love between these two.

The Red Agave venue is perfect for small weddings because everyone can rent out a cabin to stay right on site!! The ceremony and reception is all on the same property with a gorgeous red rock landscape right behind. Justin and Nicole are kind, gentle, funny kind of people. I want to be around them all the time if I could! Justin is a chef and Nicole is a nurse. They wanted their day to be revolved around family, beauty, and good food of course!!

Moments right before the ceremony the lighting struck and let out a big rain storm for 10 minutes! When all was done the wedding day went on without an issue. I always believed the rain is a lucky thing on a wedding day. The heavens are clapping along with everyone else in those moments. The burrito truck was probably their best idea at the wedding!! What a fun idea. They danced the night away with the most lovely speeches given by family members and close friends. It even got me in tears.

Ali + Bryan // Sedona,AZ

September 30th// L’Auberge Sedona

Chicago natives, Ali and Bryan fell in love with the Sedona Red Rock vibe long ago while visiting out West. Just like the spark between them, there was that same spark with Sedona. With having your wedding L’Auberge in the heart of Sedona, you get creekside beauty along with red rock vistas. The resort is filled with tiny romantic cabins, pathways with beautiful trees hanging down, and the sound of the creek rushing by. It was an obvious to Ali and Bryan- this will be the place they get married.

Ali and Bryan met a few years ago while at work. He a public defender, her an OD. They are right amounts of fierce, sassy, sweet, and playful. You won’t find another couple better for each other- that I’m sure of!!

Their wedding day was filled with family, laughter, and a lot of love. Family is very important to them and they were lucky most of their family was able to fly out from all over the country to attend. Pops of light pink and green scattered the wedding day! With clouds overhead the ceremony was this perfect lighting I had never seen before in Sedona. Usually, the red rocks are hard to photograph because the Arizona sun is SO bright but, that day lended itself to perfection in the sky. Their vows were sweet and honest. Their kisses were passionate and happy. Their day was truly beautiful.


Florals: Mountain High Flowers // Cake: Sedona Cake Couture // DJ: Vox DJ’s // HAMU: KLM Artistry // Dress: Madeline’s Daughter // Rings: Ed Schmelzle & Sons // Invitations: Minted // Wedding Planner: Hitch Without a Glitch 


Jenn + Cameron // Sedona, AZ

September 22nd // L’Auberge Sedona

Can we walk about a P-A-R-T-Y for a second?! I must start at the end and tell you how this wedding day went. A disco party they had – with the music, props, sparkly streamers and all. Cameron and Jenn are not your traditional couple. They said if they were having this “normal” type wedding for friends and family they wanted to do a few things “not-normal”, starting with a disco party! Their friends flew from ALL over the country- New York, LA, San Fran, Chicago, etc. Full open bar till midnight with an after party at after the wedding at a local bar till well into the night. It was fun…let me tell you.

Jenn and Cameron BOTH went to Yale but didn’t mean till years later by a mutual friend in New York. Jenn was visiting NYC from San Francisco at the time and convinced her friend to go out dancing one night. Her friend introduced her to Cameron…and there it happened. On the dance floor. I think we have a theme going…

They now reside in Los Angles but wanted a fun location to get married in. Sedona it was! The red rocks, hiking, creekside hang outs, and your occasional card reading, they knew their family and friends would have a great vacation time.

Cameron is goofy….like cannot describe his incredible humor.

Jenn is the sweetest human you will ever meet.

Together they make this match that is so freaking fun to be around.

And their song choices were unlike anything I’ve heard at a ceremony. (get song names from cameron!!)

With their 20 person bridal party, you know we had a good time all day. Jenn told her bridesmaids to pick a dress that fits their personality…and THAT they did.!!! Sparkles, velvet, and florals.

Her bouquet had florals flown in from the Netherlands, full of color and pop. In general this wedding was a party to be at.

Emily + Dustin // Sedona,AZ

Backyard Relaxed Joyful Wedding

Sedona, Arizona // June 3rd 2018

I am because we are” Emily spoke to her love in the middle of a lily pad pond with their closest friends scattered around. With tears rolling down their cheeks and hummingbird singing by, they spoke promises + desire to be. . . Wedding vows have this ability to bring married couples back to their beginnings and not yet married couples excited for their futures. For a moment the laundry left unfinished, the dirty dishes in the sink, and the arguments in the car driving to the venue fade. As we gaze towards our friends at the front, we stop, we listen, we breath. We are allowed to be present, with no other responsibility tugging at us other than this one right here- to be here. Emily + Dustin’s wedding vows were straight poetry. They spoke deep from the heart, almost from another life time of knowing each other. Back and forth their words sang over our ears and invited us into this moment that would never happen again in history. They invited us to be apart of this thing we call humanity together. . . If you know Emily & Dustin you have experienced their energy for life. You are wrapped up inside of it instantly with a huge long hug and a warm tender smile. Their backyard Sedona wedding overlooking the Red Rocks was the most laid back joyous celebration to date.


Bernadette + Luigi // Sedona,AZ

Bernadette + Luigi

Destination Wedding // Sedona, Arizona // November 12th

The sun rises into the Arizona sky while I make my decent down from Flagstaff to Sedona. I zip through the switchbacks, with soft melodies drifting from the radio in my car. I prepare myself for the day, I had no idea, as I was mentally going through my normal creative visualization process, that today would be so full of beautiful moments shared between two families joining as one.

Bernadette and Luigi are from the great New York City. She is a NICU nurse and he is a Neurosurgeon. They make this beautiful mix of Irish and Italian, sweet and direct, personable and highly intelligent. 

The day before their wedding it was dark and rainy. Those days don’t come too often in Sedona but the following day (the wedding day) was full of light. I often become friends with my clients so much so I wish we all lived in the same town and could hang out on a regular basis. It was no different with Luigi and Bernadette! We spent the entire day together running through the red sands of Sedona capturing their bridal portraits all around. We were having the best of times… and THEN  I met their families and friends who mostly all came from NYC as well. The rest of the night was one big celebration.

It’s a beautiful thing to be surrounded by the people who have poured into your life so deeply. From brothers and sisters and colleagues and college rooms, these people are the ones who have seen it all. In some way weddings are not just about the bride and groom but the gathering of their people in one space to celebrate a moment in time together. Weddings are a thanking of sorts, a recognition for helping to get the bride or groom to this spot in their life. Bernadette and Luigi honored their family and friends during the wedding through food and wine and creating new memories to carry on with. Dancing, dancing, dancing they did!!!! ALL night. It was amazing. From the Irish step dance, to the hip hop funk, to the sweet Italian love songs.

Destination weddings are not for the faint of heart. They are for ones who want to emphasize their people and honor them by giving a wonderful vacation full of new memories.

Vendors: Wedding Dress: Noel and Jean // shoes: Hobbs of London // Rings: NYC Wholesale Diamonds // Florals: Mountain High Flowers // Venue: Seven Canyons // DJ: Sedona Sounds // Cake: Take the Cake AZ // Cake decor: Succulent Source /