Emily + Dustin // Sedona,AZ

Backyard Relaxed Joyful Wedding

Sedona, Arizona // June 3rd 2018

I am because we are” Emily spoke to her love in the middle of a lily pad pond with their closest friends scattered around. With tears rolling down their cheeks and hummingbird singing by, they spoke promises + desire to be. . . Wedding vows have this ability to bring married couples back to their beginnings and not yet married couples excited for their futures. For a moment the laundry left unfinished, the dirty dishes in the sink, and the arguments in the car driving to the venue fade. As we gaze towards our friends at the front, we stop, we listen, we breath. We are allowed to be present, with no other responsibility tugging at us other than this one right here- to be here. Emily + Dustin’s wedding vows were straight poetry. They spoke deep from the heart, almost from another life time of knowing each other. Back and forth their words sang over our ears and invited us into this moment that would never happen again in history. They invited us to be apart of this thing we call humanity together. . . If you know Emily & Dustin you have experienced their energy for life. You are wrapped up inside of it instantly with a huge long hug and a warm tender smile. Their backyard Sedona wedding overlooking the Red Rocks was the most laid back joyous celebration to date.


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