What matters most:

our approach

to photos

We will get the photos that make you look good, of course, but we mostly interested in photos that make you feel good.

Our goal in photographing is two things: to create a unique unforgettable experience that your body remembers and to document history in a way your legacy is carried on well after you are gone. This can only happen if you trust us as photographers and friends to tell your story. 

Our hope

Trust + Connection

We're not here to make clients but friends. We are not your normal wedding vendors. We invest in you as a couple well after your wedding day. 

Documenting History

We are in search of authentic moments on wedding days that cannot be from a pinterest board of ideas. If you trust us, we will document the day how it unfolded, with all the little details no one else saw.

UNIQUE Experience

Being present in our bodies, in the space around us, and the people we are with is the only way for us to capture authentic real moments during your wedding or session. Our aim is to get you back to the present so we can find the thing that happens no where else in the universe and capture it for legacy to carry on.

what to expect

On a wedding day we will direct when it is needed during family formals or put you in better light but overall we are not into cheesy posed pictures. We will remind you to stay present in each moment so you remember the day in your heart and mind. We will float around the wedding day as if we were apart of your family documenting the day how it unfolds. If you need more direction we can definitely help you get more comfortable in front of the camera too!

what to expect

During sessions you can expect to have fun, dance in the sunshine, and usually hike! We are documenting an honest real night in the life with the two of you or your family. Because of that we ask you think about it like a date night to watch the sunset rather than just a photo session. We are here to craft a beautiful evening to remember not just pose for photos. We will make you laugh, tickle, run, dance, and twirl...so get ready for that!! 

on wedding days

during sessions

“Hannah is an unbelievable photographer,”

not only because she makes you feel beautiful and safe on your wedding day, but also because of how thoughtful and loving the entire experience was with her! Her dreamy natural lit photos are to die for, she captures true joy and love in every click of her camera. And if you are able to book her don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it for a moment, and will have photos that will last a lifetime.

— Emily & Dustin

"The amount of warmth Hannah exudes creates such a comforting environment for an overall amazing finished product

and an extremely fun experience. Her efficiency and communication are truly impeccable as are the photos she produces; it has really helped me feel so confident in my wedding experience.

-Sequoia & Michael

“She brought joy, uniqueness, and intimacy to our engagement pictures.

Hannah is the gem of all photographers.  We feel like we were able to save that time as a moment in our hearts rather than just a thing to check off the wedding to-do list; and all because of the space and energy Hannah gave us. Not to mention she absolutely crushed the pictures and edits. We are absolutely obsessed with them!

— Ben & Karis




Let's jump on a call so I can learn everything you are hoping and expecting for photographs! 

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