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 her style: Documentary, Magical,  True to color

Hannah Rose is a leading expert in wedding photography and event storytelling, known for her unique approach to holistic wedding planning through her company, Wedding Wellness.

With over 12 years of shooting weddings and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Film and Digital Photography from Indiana Wesleyan University, she has photographed weddings in 7 countries and 30 states, garnering recognition from prestigious publications like The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes, Zola, and

Through Wedding Wellness, she offers couples a pathway to navigate the wedding planning process while prioritizing healthy wellness habits and crafting intentional wedding day experiences. Hannah's mission is to capture the essence of love and celebration, guiding couples towards cultivating wellness and healthy habits during wedding season and crafting intentional weddings that reflect their values and unique story. 

She is obsessed with all things to do with the ocean, working with her hands, reading, and swimming. 


she photographs

These images are her grandparents on their wedding day in 1960. When we know where we come from we have a better idea of where we are going and who we are. She documents to tell these kinds of stories. The ones your grandchildren will look back on in 60 years from now and hold. 
Authenticity is why she photographs. 
To document history for the next generation.

Family Legacy

the ocean

hannah's loves

If she is not home in Flagstaff you will find Hannah under the ocean somewhere in the world. Not at the beach, no she loves to be in the deepest of blue waters. It's where she knows God. 

Louie, Ziva, & Ian make up her sweet little family. Hannah and Ian have been dating for 2 years and falling in love more everyday. 

Hannah has been working on organic vegtable farms all over the world from Italy, Hawaii, Ohio. This last summer of 2022 her and Ian have a large garden of their own! Growing a pumpkin patch, strawberries, peppers, kale, and everything in between. It's her favorite place to be in Flagstaff.

the fam

the garden

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We donate a portion of each wedding collection booked to an organization in Bangladesh, called Speak Up For the Poor, which helps to provide education to girls in the highest rate of child marriage in the world.
We believe if you give a girl education she will change the world. 

Learn more about Speak Up For the Poor here. 

After shooting weddings for 10 years I've learned a thing or two about wedding days. They are the joining of two families, a day of celebration,  the start of a family legacy. It's actually not about the photos, it's about your experience from start to finish. Photographs are the icing on top. 

experience matters

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On another note:

Hannah's Favs 
BOOKS, Podcasts, Docs

These are what inspires her. She reads daily, listens to podcasts, and watches documentaries to grow and learn.

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