Renee + Jordan // Paradise Valley, AZ

Desert Oasis Wedding

Smoke Tree Resort // Paradise Valley, AZ

May 5th 2018

Oh my dear goodness! This Phoenix desert resort wedding was one filled with joy, fun, and a whole lot of laughter. Renee and Jordan dated years ago in high school when they realized it was just not going to work out. Both Flagstaff,AZ natives they grew up in the mountains skiing and fishing. He is goofy, genuine, and kind. She is the sweetest thing on the earth, compassionate, and hard worker. They make this dream team of a couple after getting back together in college. They had their son Henry and decided to get married six years later. The Smoke Tree Resort is located in Paradise Valley with bungalows, pools, and desert vibes. Palm trees and agave plants surround the property where only their guests were staying.

Renee’s father is a Hot Shot for Flagstaff Fire so during the long summers when he was away, her mother would take the girls down to this resort for some fun. This resort housed Jordan and Renee’s 120 person wedding with Mexican food and margaritas’!! Cannot forget to mentioned how most people ended up in the pool by the end of the night because it was May 5th and still SO HOT in Phoenix.

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