Favorite Elopement Locations in Sedona

Oh how I love the non traditional weddings! These two got married to each other, got divorced, and GOT REMARRIED! But they didn’t want the traditional wedding like they did once before. These days elopements outside in beautiful nature is what it’s all about. Especially, elopements in Sedona surrounded around red rocks and the sunshine.

But maybe you ask where do I get eloped in Sedona!? Here are a few good locations. But remember to always book a good elopement photographer based in Sedona or Flagstaff because they will know all the local details other photographers might not know. Like permits, traffic, parking, trailheads, and the hidden gems!

A few of my favorite elopement spots in Sedona:

1.Merry Go Round Rock

2.Baby Bell Rock

3. Cathedral Rock

4. Doe Mountain

5.Red Rock Crossing

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