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3 Reasons you should ALWAYS hire a wedding planner:

This lovely Minnesota August summer wedding was one of those perfect wedding days. Everything went the way it was suppose to. Even with a down pour of rain during bridal party photos, it was mostly funny and everyone just went with it! But why it went so well was despite it being a lot of DIY wedding decor the bride hired an amazing wedding planner!! I’m going to tell you all about WHY hiring a wedding planning should be number one at the top of your list when planning your wedding.

This wedding’s planner was Cassie from Honeyhill Weddings. Literally an amazing woman who helped to plan and run this wedding day without a flaw.

1.Let the experts run the show

You are having a beautiful day when the two of your families finally unite and become one but you are also hosting a party. Let’s be honest, it’s a big event with lots of people, lots of logistics, and lots of things that could go wrong. When you are planning a wedding you should hire a wedding planner!! You want to trust the people who do this day in and day out for years of their lives. They know how to communicate with vendors, how the timeline should be run day of, how to keep the day running smoothly so you can enjoy your day. Usually planners tend to be type A, organized, and on the top of it no matter what. You want to search for a kind planner who, under stress, can keep her cool.

2. Relax the day of your wedding

I’ve been at many weddings where there was not a planner or coordinator and the bride after getting her hair and make up finished, goes to the reception to finish setting up the tables. She is rushing around stressed because the florist isn’t there yet or the cake was set up on wrong table. That is not the brides job on a wedding day. The brides job is to get married, enjoy this day being fully present, and soak up the time with friends and family. The planners job is to tell the cake people where to go. Often if there is not a planner or coordinator the bridesmaids and families are left setting things up and not enjoying themselves either. Make sure there is someone who is point person the day of your wedding, so you don’t have to be.

3. When shit hits the fan

Events and parties never go to plan. Because we are dealing with people and life on earth. That is normal!! But you want someone there who is going to be point person when shit does hit the fan. When it starts raining mid ceremony but the reception tables are getting destroyed, or when the cater’s had a flat tire on the way to the wedding and guests are getting hungry, or a drunk groomsmen gets out of hand. You want someone there who is not your family, not you, and someone who can run the day of wedding with no stress, even when there is stress. Find someone you can trust!

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