Jenn + Cameron // Sedona, AZ

September 22nd // L’Auberge Sedona

Can we walk about a P-A-R-T-Y for a second?! I must start at the end and tell you how this wedding day went. A disco party they had – with the music, props, sparkly streamers and all. Cameron and Jenn are not your traditional couple. They said if they were having this “normal” type wedding for friends and family they wanted to do a few things “not-normal”, starting with a disco party! Their friends flew from ALL over the country- New York, LA, San Fran, Chicago, etc. Full open bar till midnight with an after party at after the wedding at a local bar till well into the night. It was fun…let me tell you.

Jenn and Cameron BOTH went to Yale but didn’t mean till years later by a mutual friend in New York. Jenn was visiting NYC from San Francisco at the time and convinced her friend to go out dancing one night. Her friend introduced her to Cameron…and there it happened. On the dance floor. I think we have a theme going…

They now reside in Los Angles but wanted a fun location to get married in. Sedona it was! The red rocks, hiking, creekside hang outs, and your occasional card reading, they knew their family and friends would have a great vacation time.

Cameron is goofy….like cannot describe his incredible humor.

Jenn is the sweetest human you will ever meet.

Together they make this match that is so freaking fun to be around.

And their song choices were unlike anything I’ve heard at a ceremony. (get song names from cameron!!)

With their 20 person bridal party, you know we had a good time all day. Jenn told her bridesmaids to pick a dress that fits their personality…and THAT they did.!!! Sparkles, velvet, and florals.

Her bouquet had florals flown in from the Netherlands, full of color and pop. In general this wedding was a party to be at.

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