Surprise Proposal in Sedona

I LOVE surprise proposals. I also get so nervous right before them. I get more nervous before proposals than wedding days. SO MANY things couple happen unexpectedly!! Where in weddings it’s an event. With this proposal I talked with Tony on the phone to find the perfect location. We had never met in person and I had to be hiding so she didn’t see me or expect anything. So I was nervous we wouldn’t find each other, he wouldn’t see me, he didn’t know I was there, I would be seen and give it all away. BUT NOPE! IT was perfect.

Tony and Sarah met at Clemson while in college. After dating for 5+ years it was time to move forward with a marriage proposal. SHE WAS SHOCKED. And didn’t suspected it at all or see me hiding in the bushes!! We danced after and drank champagne! This adorable couple are so so so in love. What an honor to be there to document this special moment. I want more of these!!!

Kelsie + Alex // Sedona,AZ

Winter Red Rock Engagement Session

Kelsie and Alex met and fell in love in New Mexico. With their hearts full and connection strong they moved out to Phoenix, Arizona away from their families. Together they have created a life built on deep friendship and trust. We were able to dance around Bell Rock for their engagement session. It was probably the COLDEST Sedona session I’ve ever done…. but we pushed through and created some beautiful images! Cannot wait for their wedding in Flagstaff in October!

Bridget + Sam // Sedona, AZ


This surprise proposal story is very sweet and perfect for the romantic Red Rock location. Sam contacted me months ago while I was in Hawaii. Him and Bridget were coming out to Sedona to visit from out East to have a little vacation the two of them. They have dated for over 6 years after meeting in high school. They went to two different colleges but yet through the years they have managed to stay strong and united.

Bridget was completely surprised!! I went out early to our spot where I told Sam to bring Bridget that evening. I was pretending to do yoga while my camera was hidden under a blanket. It was a WINDY night but beautiful sunset. He pulled her over to the most perfect spot and got down on one knee. It was all very magical and perfect. She had no idea I was photographing at all until he pointed over to me. From there we hugged, talked, and photographed their engagement session!

They are the sweetest couple that have such a beautiful friendship. SOO lucky I was able to document their proposal.

Dani + Trevor // Sedona, AZ

EHH!! SO EXCITED for this couple! They are dear friends of mine who are finally getting married. They met years ago through friends and fell in love pretty instantly. She is witty, funny, fiercely smart. He is hard working, loyal, and warm hearted.

We took a bottle of wine and hiked up a mountain days after a big snow storm. It was muddy but we didn’t care. We laughed and they danced in the sun. After we got tacos!