Bridget + Sam // Sedona, AZ


This surprise proposal story is very sweet and perfect for the romantic Red Rock location. Sam contacted me months ago while I was in Hawaii. Him and Bridget were coming out to Sedona to visit from out East to have a little vacation the two of them. They have dated for over 6 years after meeting in high school. They went to two different colleges but yet through the years they have managed to stay strong and united.

Bridget was completely surprised!! I went out early to our spot where I told Sam to bring Bridget that evening. I was pretending to do yoga while my camera was hidden under a blanket. It was a WINDY night but beautiful sunset. He pulled her over to the most perfect spot and got down on one knee. It was all very magical and perfect. She had no idea I was photographing at all until he pointed over to me. From there we hugged, talked, and photographed their engagement session!

They are the sweetest couple that have such a beautiful friendship. SOO lucky I was able to document their proposal.

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