Bell Rock Love

Winter Red Rock Engagement Session

Kelsie and Alex met and fell in love in New Mexico. With their hearts full and connection strong they moved out to Phoenix, Arizona away from their families. Together they have created a life built on deep friendship and trust. We were able to dance around Bell Rock for their engagement session. It was probably the COLDEST Sedona session I’ve ever done…. but we pushed through and created some beautiful images! Cannot wait for their wedding in Flagstaff in October!

Surprise Proposal in the Red Rocks of Sedona


This surprise proposal story is very sweet and perfect for the romantic Red Rock location. Sam contacted me months ago while I was in Hawaii. Him and Bridget were coming out to Sedona to visit from out East to have a little vacation the two of them. They have dated for over 6 years after meeting in high school. They went to two different colleges but yet through the years they have managed to stay strong and united.

Bridget was completely surprised!! I went out early to our spot where I told Sam to bring Bridget that evening. I was pretending to do yoga while my camera was hidden under a blanket. It was a WINDY night but beautiful sunset. He pulled her over to the most perfect spot and got down on one knee. It was all very magical and perfect. She had no idea I was photographing at all until he pointed over to me. From there we hugged, talked, and photographed their engagement session!

They are the sweetest couple that have such a beautiful friendship. SOO lucky I was able to document their proposal.

Merry-Go-Round Rock Engagement


November 25th 2018 // Sedona, AZ // Engagement

For the last four years I’ve lived in Arizona I have wanted so badly to get to Merry-Go-Round rock in Sedona. I’ve seen pictures of it and as dreamy as it looks, it’s not easy to get to! It’s an adventure full of 40 min long ROUGH dirt roads and hiking through brush. But they say the hardest things in life are worth it.

I’m so glad Lexi and Josh wanted to have a Sedona exploration for their engagement session. Minnesota born and raised, come out to Arizona lots to visit her parents who relocate for the winters. They are hikers, adventure, dog, traveling kind of people. Even though Josh has a fear of heights, he did not let that stop him from experiencing the glory in the sun on merry go round rock!

XOXO- Hannah Rose

Nicole & Lucas // Sedona,AZ

Nicole + Lucas

Sedona, Arizona

Being best friends for ten years means you basically know everything about one another. All the secrets, all the stories, all the pain, all the memories you share together. Nicole and Lucas have been dating for ten long years. All through high school, college, and a few years after college. They have endured a lot over the years and have sustained a constant, loving, strong relationship. Let’s just say they were really ready to get married!!

Nicole got ready in a beautiful room over looking the Red Rocks of Sedona. Full of whimsy and bliss, Nicole danced around the room with a smile that didn’t leave the entire night. She was FINALLY marring her love, her best friend, her soul mate. She has this boho vibe to her with her lace dress that had little bells on the bottom and  her braided blonde hair. I could feel the tension in the room while Lucas was putting on his tie and shoes. It was tension of excitement and anticipation to see his bride. The two didn’t take their hands off each other all night.

We took a little hike up to the Airport Mesa Vortex for gorgeous 360 views of the red rocks. It was the one moment in the day nothing was rushing us but the wind.

Their ceremony was full of intimate memories, tales of the past, and the beauty that lies ahead of them. They danced under the stars and bistro lights as their closest family and friends watched with utter delight in this union.

Venue: Sky Ranch Lodge // Caterer: Some Burros // Flowers: Hoot and Holler // DJ: Mike Lopez, Master Mixx Dj’s AZ// Cake: Mom + Nothing Bundt Cake // Hair+ Makeup: Swoon Salon Studio, Chanel Molleo // Event Rentals: Verve Events // Wedding Dress: Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Jessica + Tanner // Sedona,AZ

Tanner + Jessica

HELLO beautiful people and beautiful sunset this session was!!! Do you see those red rocks?! They were showing off that night we explored the creek and enjoyed the sunset. Jessica grew up in Arizona, born and raised but decided to go south for college. Tanner is homegrown southern man from South Carolina! While visiting family out here Jessica really wanted some photos of them two in Sedona for their house. Little did she know Tanner had a surprise at the end. Jessica is this cute, petite, gorgeous woman that has kindness in her eyes. Tanner is like your older brother who wants to watch out for you and would help anyone when they need it. Their love is sweet and what they have between them is this kind of friendship we all dream of.


Now even though Jessica had no idea the proposal was going to happen, she planned a sunset couples session. Tanner didn’t even tell me it was going to happen! We all laughed a lot while we got to know each other and took a walk down to the creek. We were racing back up to the top to grab the last bit of light before then sun went down when Tanner gets down on one knee! He got nervous when I said “oh no! Gotta hurry because we are loosing light fast”. She was SO SHOCKED, said YES, and did a little happy dance. It’s one of those moments you won’t forget. No matter how many proposals I see, they never get old, they are all beautiful and intimate, and I feel honored I get to be there at that moment.

It’s a beautiful thing that which we call life.