Nicole + Brian // Marblehead, OH

Summery Lake Erie Engagement Session

ohhhh this session was SO FUN for me. 1. Because Nicole was my childhood best friend. Our parents actually went to college together years ago and we were destined to be friends. 2. Because we photographed at the local ice cream shop of our childhood up at the lake. 3. Because Nicole and Brian were sooooo fun and easy to photograph. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera… but these two were naturals. I think it speaks a lot to their comfortability in their relationship.

Nicole and Brian met in Denver. They went on a causal date the day after Nicoles birthday in December. They clicked INSTANTLY and knew it was meant to be. They soon have developed this amazing deep connected friendship and romance. Cannot wait to photograph their wedding in New York!!

Personal Growth Resources

Books , Podcasts, and Steps to Take

My story a little on personal growth:

I’ve always struggled with ADD throughout school and growing up. It took me 3x longer to do a task than the normal person. I got distracted SO easily- not surprising, I’m sure. But because of this I had a horrible inner dialogue, no disciple or follow through, and low self love. This lead to things that looked like- not managing my money because I thought I was “not a money person”, losing clients because my lack of disciple, and complaining rather than doing. 

It wasn’t until I started reading good books like Essentialism and going to a personal growth workshop called Next Level Trainings that things started to shift and I started to not just let life happen to me rather put energy toward my dreams. I didn’t “need” those things but they helped. I believe the more we learn, the more we grow, and the more we help to evolve human kind as a whole. I started going to therapy monthly, reading instead of watching Netflix, and moving my body daily. I took control of my health by getting up at 5:30am every morning to work out with a friend because I signed up for a Triathlon that I needed to train for. And man is it hard to get up when it’s the dead of winter to go work out. But I started to understand the mentality that where my focus goes my energy flows.

That sometimes we have to do things we don’t like to get results we want and it won’t feel good all the time but with an end result in mind it’s worth it. 

I now I love myself deeper than I ever have. I listen to my body. I don’t run away from hard things. I deal with my money. And I move my body every single day.

Steps for an Awakened/ Shifted life

  • Set results list. 3 things you want to achieve by the end of the year. Mine are: 1 personal, 1 business, 1 health 
  • Write them down so you look at them every single day by your bathroom mirror and write down ONE thing you can do that day to move you towards your results
  • Tell someone to have accountability or better yet have a work out buddy
  • Choose to do the hard thing instead of what feels good 
  • Ask yourself the question “ What am I pretending not to know?” 
  • Deal with emotions as they come up not shove them down
  • READ a book every night instead of watching Netflix
  • Get around people who you want to look like and emulate their life 
  • Get out of your head and stay in your heart 
  • Move your body once a day for at least 30 mins – changes your mental game

Truths I live by: 

*You can’t control anyone- only how you respond to a situation 

*Loving + listening to yourself is the only way to live a full embodied awake life 

*The Universe (God) is ALWAYS for you, not against you. – every break up, every failure, every “accident”. It’s all rigged in your favor


All the resources have links to learn more about each:



xoxo- Han

Liquid Gold : Essential Oil Blend

Young Living Blend

After a client books a wedding with me, I send to them a welcome gift in the mail which includes a few fun little items for their wedding preparation. One of the items I make is a calming essential oil blend with Young Living oils. I roll it on my forearms + neck area so I can easily smell it. This blend is to promote Calm, Confidence, + Peace…which often is hard to find during wedding planning process!! You can also use this blend whenever you are feeling overwhelmed + stressed or need a boost!

Calm + Confidence + Peace

Blend Recipe:

Links to fun bottle options:



Natalie + Alex // Boulder, CO

Chautauqua Park Evening Sunset

I’ve known this sweet couple for years! After shooting her sisters wedding, their family and anniversary photos, it was TIME for their wedding season!!! I love when my clients turn into the best of friends. Natalie and Alex are SO FRICKIN fun to be around. I love their energy and friendship together. They are constantly laughing and then I’m laughing cause they are!

They met years ago through friends in college. It was instant. They really are each others best friends. After moving from Phoenix to Denver this year, their relationship has really grown and flourished into a beautiful partnership. We explored Boulder for their engagement session. The creek was magical and Chautauqua Park was unbelievable. We danced and played in the tall grass running towards the setting sun.

We’re so excited for their wedding in FRANCE next year!!


Taylor + Bart // Cleveland, OH

Summer Midwest Whimsical Wedding Day

On a hot Ohio afternoon, Bart + Taylor wed in a beautiful church near the lake. When they met in college, they couldn’t stop spending time with each other. It was pretty instant and they built a strong connection and friendship that will last for a lifetime. Together they are a solid, genuine, fun couple that you want to be around all the time. They are good people and I’m so grateful for these humans who hire me to document their story.

Bart grew up in Minster, Ohio where he played football and swam in Lake Erie. Taylor grew up 2 hours south west in a small town called Findlay. It was in Findlay where I met Taylor in middle school through friends! This was one of the most fun weddings for me to document because of this sweet love between friends. With having over 250+ guests, it was a hoot of a wedding!! So much laughter and love.

With her Kate Spade stylish shoes and lace dress, Taylor was an elegant bride to say the least. No one could tell we all were sweating buckets, thank god for AC in July!! Family is a really big deal to the couple, so they incorporated lots of family throughout the ceremony and reception from her little nephew walking down the aisle to the mothers lighting unity candles. Their day was full and happy.

The night ended with a huge reception at Landerhaven! With beautiful decorations and REALLY good food! The dance party was just getting started at 11pm, so just imagine how long they danced?!

Kaitlyn + Brandon // Scottsdale, AZ

Autumn in Phoenix is no joke!! It’s still 90 degrees and hot. But it was perfect for Kaitlyn + Brandon’s desert backyard wedding! This day was all things lovely. From her bountiful florals, to blue skies, to the sweetest vows spoken. Their day was magic.

Kaitlyn + Brandon met years ago in Flagstaff out dancing at the local two step bar. She is from Phoenix, he from Flagstaff. But they decided to get married down in the desert because it’s different and unique. Their friends had a backyard where lots of weddings took place and they knew this was the perfect location. Full of lush green trees and a green grass for days!

At the end of the day-the heat didn’t bother anyone. Their love was displayed for all to see and Brandon couldn’t keep his eyes off of her!