Natalie + Alex // Boulder, CO

Chautauqua Park Evening Sunset

I’ve known this sweet couple for years! After shooting her sisters wedding, their family and anniversary photos, it was TIME for their wedding season!!! I love when my clients turn into the best of friends. Natalie and Alex are SO FRICKIN fun to be around. I love their energy and friendship together. They are constantly laughing and then I’m laughing cause they are!

They met years ago through friends in college. It was instant. They really are each others best friends. After moving from Phoenix to Denver this year, their relationship has really grown and flourished into a beautiful partnership. We explored Boulder for their engagement session. The creek was magical and Chautauqua Park was unbelievable. We danced and played in the tall grass running towards the setting sun.

We’re so excited for their wedding in FRANCE next year!!


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