Flagstaff’s Top Mountain Wedding Venue!

Autumn aspen trees and mountain views

Snowbowl venue, at the top of Mt Humphreys, is one of my very favorite venues in Flagstaff!! It sets at 9,300 ft which offers beautiful views of the mountain and of the valley below. I honestly love this venue so much because it’s classic Flagstaff especially in the fall when all the aspen trees are changing. There are two different venues up at Snowbowl, the Hart Prairie Lodge and Fremont. Both are good options but here is what I like about them separately:

Hart Prairie Lodge: This venue gives couples a more lodgey look inside with darker wood. It’s cozy and has a great deck where the ceremony take place.

Fremont: They recently built this venue which has a great view of the peaks and you feel like you are more in the woods. It has more windows and is brighter overall than the Hart Prairie Lodge. It has a great patio for cocktail hour or outside dancing. Both are great venues that give a mountain wedding feel.

Tiara and Evan met years ago in North Dakota when he was working for the railroad. They fell in love and has moved a few different states but has landed in Flagstaff for the last two years. Their wedding day was FULL of fun, colors, and so much joy. Oh and the ceremony was JUST beautiful with a light breeze in the air and aspen trees swaying in the wind. I took the whole bridal party, a little tipsy, out to get aspen fall colors and it was sooooo worth it!!

Sedona Engagement Session

Back lit sun flare shot how to

One of my VERY favorite engagement sessions in the Sedona Red Rocks. Kirk + Sarah flew in from North Carolina and it was one of the most perfect Sedona days. Sunshiney, not busy at all, and a little breezy!! I’m obsessed with chasing the sunshine.

Shooting into the sun can be hard but SO WORTH IT. Here are some tips on shooting into the sun to get sun flares.

  • Wait until the sun is low- about 20 mins before it sets. That’s when you can get the really golden color
  • My 35 or 50mm seem to be some of my only lenses that create that really pretty sun flare. The fixed lens tend to be better for this
  • I use my couple to block the sun but play with it in the ladies hair or between them. Movement is really fun here so you can the sunshine look but also not just portrait look
  • You need something to block the sun or defuse it behind trees so the light isn’t so blinding
  • I am usually really open at f/1.4-f/2.5 and my shutter tends to be exposed right in the middle. A little bit more over exposed so they are bright and not in the shadows
  • Then play around!! Your eyes might hurt because you are looking into the sunshine but it’s so worth it!

Wedding Reception Table Ideas

Flagstaff Wedding Photographer

Kim Duncan designs are freaking amazingggg. I can’t promote her enough. She came up with all of these reception designs just for fun little shoot in the winter snow in Flagstaff, AZ. Reception planning can be hard. But always remember a few things:

  • You can hire someone to decorate your reception!! Just because you are getting married doesn’t mean you have to turn into a planner, a coordinator, and wear every hat. You get to be the bride.
  • Flowers REALLY help to add a sense of dimension on the table
  • Plate wear matters! The glasses, the plates, the napkins matter! They are functional but also look really good visually.
  • Table clothes make it pop. Whether you have color or simple always go with a table cloth!!

The vendors I worked with for these amazing designs:

Planner + Designer: @kimduncandesign 
Linens: @bbjlinen & @latavolalinen
Rentals: @brighteventrentals
Design + Styling: @kimduncandesign
Floral: @sarahsgardenstyle
Menus + Places Cards: @day_letters
Candles: @yummicandles

Flagstaff Elopement Locations

How to plan an elopement in Flagstaff, Arizona

Having an elopement is the best next thing to do currently. Now that this global pandemic is in full swing and probably not going anywhere anytime soon (sad tears) we must learn how to make lemonade out of lemons! For a lot of my couples they have had to change their wedding dates multiple times due to covid. But also a lot of them have decided to have an elopement in a beautiful location with minimal people. Due to states having restrictions anywhere from 3-10 guests are perfect for a small intimate elopement. 

I MEAN have you ever been a more beautiful cute little town as Flagstaff. Located in Northern Arizona, Flagstaff is home to the San Fransisco Peaks, magical aspen forests, and an historical downtown filled with shops and restaurants. With Flagstaff and it’s surrounding area containing the worlds largest ponderosa pine forest, there are endless possibilities for elopement locations. Sedona and her red rocks are usually a very sought after location for elopements along with the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, but what people don’t know is the beauty Flagstaff has to offer for mountain forest elopement vibes galore. 

Here are some ideas on how to plan a Flagstaff elopement. Everything from locations, officiants, florals, and dinner locations after. 


Lockett Meadow

I love love love this location in Flagstaff. It’s only open during April-October and closed during winter months due to a really rocky road!! This is my favorite location to take people to during the fall because of the mountain views and fall colors. They are incredible! Big open field to choose to have an elopement. Or you could choose to be in the aspen groves surrounded around those beautiful trees swaying in the wind.

Hart Prairie 

I have never shot an actual wedding at this location, even though I want to so bad!!! I’ve only shot a bunch of engagement sessions. But as you can see from the images below there are options! You could get married in the aspen groves, in the tall swaying grass, or on top of a mesa with the mountain view in the background. Also, the sunset here is my favorite!!


Flagstaff resides next to a huge mountain called Humphrey’s Peak. Snowbowl is the ski resort on the mountain. With these beautiful views of the valley below, Snowbowl offers incredible views, aspens, mountain shots, and the sunset!! It’s incredible. Only 35 min drive from downtown.

Edge of the World

This location I was hesitant to put out into the world because it’s my personal favorite camping location. I won’t tell you how to get there unless we book but it’s truly magical. About 60 min drive from town on a dirt road, you’ll get to Edge of the World that overlooks Sedona. There are many different locations and paths to get to the edge and I have the best ones saved. It’s breath taking.



Jen Paul from Life Passages (amazingggg!)

Hair + Makeup:

Dinner spots:

Where to stay:


Jane in the Woods planning

Email me with any questions you have concerning locations, vendors, or where to stay! I’m here for you! I hope planning a wedding in the beautiful mountains of Flagstaff will encourage you to hike, explore, and fall in love with Arizona.