Flagstaff’s Top Mountain Wedding Venue!

Autumn aspen trees and mountain views

Snowbowl venue, at the top of Mt Humphreys, is one of my very favorite venues in Flagstaff!! It sets at 9,300 ft which offers beautiful views of the mountain and of the valley below. I honestly love this venue so much because it’s classic Flagstaff especially in the fall when all the aspen trees are changing. There are two different venues up at Snowbowl, the Hart Prairie Lodge and Fremont. Both are good options but here is what I like about them separately:

Hart Prairie Lodge: This venue gives couples a more lodgey look inside with darker wood. It’s cozy and has a great deck where the ceremony take place.

Fremont: They recently built this venue which has a great view of the peaks and you feel like you are more in the woods. It has more windows and is brighter overall than the Hart Prairie Lodge. It has a great patio for cocktail hour or outside dancing. Both are great venues that give a mountain wedding feel.

Tiara and Evan met years ago in North Dakota when he was working for the railroad. They fell in love and has moved a few different states but has landed in Flagstaff for the last two years. Their wedding day was FULL of fun, colors, and so much joy. Oh and the ceremony was JUST beautiful with a light breeze in the air and aspen trees swaying in the wind. I took the whole bridal party, a little tipsy, out to get aspen fall colors and it was sooooo worth it!!

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