Horseshoe Bend Elopement

Intimate elopement shot by Arizona Photographer

Arizona has literally some of the very best locations for elopements!! Look no further than Horseshoe Bend for some of the most magical, epic, romantic Arizona elopement shots. Some of my other favorite elopement locations are at: The South Rim of Grand Canyon, Sedona Red Rocks, Lake Powell, and the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. I cannot rave enough about getting eloped at Horseshoe Bend enough. I’m an wedding photographer through and through but I do love to be known as an elopement photographer in our beautiful state where there are SO many locations to tie the knot. Surrounded around nature, sunshine, and love.

Kerrian and Tony decided to get married after being together for many many years. Their love is infectious. Florida residents decided to elope on a National Parks trip out with her daughters. On New Years Eve we braced ourselves in the cold to find that hot Arizona sunshine to warm us up. Of course Jenn, from Life Passages, officiated such a beautiful wedding experience. They said vows, had a special rope ceremony done with her daughters, and kissed before the sunset! It was a beautiful evening at Horseshoe Bend surrounded around those Utah/Arizona rocks and sweet love. This destination elopement was everything Kerrian and Tony wanted it to be. Simple, beautiful, and memorable.

Kelly + Jake

Mammoth Lakes Intimate Wedding

WHERE do I even start with this beautiful 20 person intimate mountain lake wedding day? Do I start where Jake and Kelly met in college at a dance party and instantly fell for each other? Or do I start when they moved to Bend and created a life together and decided to get married? Or do I start at their vows, which were poetry and made everyone cry? It all was intentional and purposeful. I’m honored to not only be their photographer but also their friend.

Kelly has a superpower of love and kindness. You will not meet a more in touch, grateful, inspiring human on this planet. She pulls you into her grace and bliss of life. You are enamored by her awe and wonder of this life. 

Jake is so vastly compassionate and intentional you will feel like the only person in the room when you are talking. He can hold the longest eye contact, so don’t you try to win at a staring contest! He is intelligent, open hearted, and warm. 

They wanted a small wedding up in the mountains. Each decision made from the food to the air b+b, to the flowers, and arbor at their ceremony was picked with intention. They loved every process of planning this wedding because they were SO EXCITED to get married. After 7 years of dating and engagement, it was time to invite people into their deep love. They decided on Convict Lake in Mammoth Lakes after a family trip a year earlier. They knew this would be the spot they would become one. It was truly breathtaking. 

Jake started reciting this vows with a poem he wrote her the first year they were dating. As soon as he started speaking she started mouthing the words because she had memorized it after all these years of him repeating it to her. Kelly’s vows were heart wrenching, explaining how much love she has for him and how alive she feels in his presence. I stood there with the wind blowing my hair all around, camera in hand, soaking it all in. The mountains stood tall behind them and I cried a bit.

I realized this is why I love photographing weddings. Not because the beautiful details or the likes on instagram, but because I get to be apart of this deep love that is helping to heal the world. Jake and Kelly, by being open for all to drink deeply of possibility of beautiful love, are truly helping to heal the broken world. It’s all apart of being human and I cannot imagine not photographing weddings for this reason alone. 

Immediately after they kissed, Jake and Kelly danced down the aisle while their friends jumped up and started dancing with them. Many hugs and tears were given throughout family photos. As the sun started to set, the three of us romped around the lake enjoying the majesty of the nature together. We came back to the Air B+B to a long table set up on the deck filled with lace, flowers, and a dinner setting. It was a relaxing reception where we laughed and ate good food. The night ended with hours and hours of dancing all together. Goofy playful dancing. 

Sean + Elise // San Diego, CA

Seaside Intimate La Jolla Elopement

Sean + Elise met through friends and it was INSTANT. He is relaxed and she is spunky. They wanted an intimate seaside wedding in San Diego where Sean grew up. They have special memories at the ocean and realized there would be no other place than here to get married.

They invited only a few of their closest friends and family to attend this elopement! With waves crashing behind- Sean and Elise looking into each others eyes while they professed their constant love and companionship to each other. The light jewel tones of the floral mixed with her champagne color wedding dress mixed with ocean views was to die for. The whole time I was shooting I was thinking- can this be real?! How beautiful we get to take part in the starting of a marriage and union between two people by the water? It makes me grateful for this gift of love and the randomness of life by finding each other.

VENDORS: Florals: Ruby Bloom Foral Design // Cake: Pancho Villas // Ceremony Location: Cuvier Park, La Jolla // Officiant: So Cal Wedding Officiants // Ceremony Chairs: Platinum Event Rentals // Hair and Makeup: Thorne Artistry // Table Top Rentals: Hostess Haven // Wedding Planning + Design: Always Flawless Productions

Laura + Justin // Miami, FL

Justin and Laura foreheads touching in a beautiful green courtyard

May 25th // Miami, Florida

This midwest mixed with cuban culture wedding was both hot + spicy. Miami turned out to be the perfect setting for Justin and Laura’s family-oriented grand wedding day. It was a humid May spring day with a light breeze in the air. They both held their anxious filled excitement through the getting ready process till they saw each other for the first time at the alter. 

Justin and Laura met in Nashville while out with friends one random weekend. Laura lived in Miami and Justin in Knoxville but that did not stop Justin from pursuing hard after this beautiful woman. He was enamored by her beauty and kindness from the first moment they spoke. He did EVERYTHING to see her; even drive 18 hours in one weekend just to see her for 24 hours and drive home. They did long distance up until this last year where they bought a house together and a cute golden doodle puppy in Kentucky. 

Laura’s cuban family and friends were fun and loud and full of energy! Justin’s Ohio family loved every minute experiencing the culture during the wedding. They got married in an old historic church in a gorgeous part of town with hundreds of their closest friends gathered looking down the aisle as Laura walked the long rows of this old church. Tears and laughter were much to be had during the ceremony. 

I could not get over the sunlight, the lush green trees and unique architecture with textured walls. It was magical for a photographer and a friend. Growing up with Justin, I always knew he would marry a kind woman. Together they make a beautiful couple that will continue to help people their whole lives. 

The night ended with a ridiculously amazing reception. From the dinner, to the crazy cuban hour and cigars as the parting gift- this wedding was unlike one I had ever photographed before. 

Alli + Austin // Punta Cana, DR

All the right tropical beach family feels at this wedding!! I cannot express to you the amazingness of these two humans. They are parents to three adorable children, give unconditionally to their community, and are so loving towards each other. It’s a real shame we didn’t have ANY fun at their wedding 😉

The Zoetry Agua, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, was where this wedding took place. Nestled inside of hundreds of palm trees there are swimming pools wrapped around each hidden bungalow that laid across the beautiful grounds. This all inclusive resort was top notch when it came to service and excellence. Austin and Alli picked one of the best to celebrate their love. Both grew up in Victoria, Texas where they met 6 months after both their sons were born. Now they’ve been together for four years and share a baby girl that is probably the most adorable child I’ve ever seen. The family they’ve created together is one that is inviting, inclusive to all, and fun!! They know how to party!

50 of their friends and family flew in for this special week! They are truly so loved by the people around them. The speeches brought everyone to tears in the room, the moments just hanging in the pool was intentional good conversation, and everyone welcomed me right into their community of friends. I cannot say enough good things about this couple and their wedding day. Alli and Austin wanted a simple beach wedding and that they got!! I’m convinced more people need to do destination weddings simply for the fact of QUALITY TIME with the most important people in their life. Alli told me it was the best choice they made!


Chelsea + David // St.Thomas

Deep blue ocean waves, palm trees swaying in the wind, rum punch drinks for days. Saint Thomas destination weddings are a world of their own! One that Chelsea and David decided to run away to and get married in. Their love for quality time with their family and friends plus fun ocean memories was a no brainer to why they chose to do a destination wedding.

St. Thomas is in the US Virgin Islands. You don’t need a passport and they use US currency. It makes it really easy to travel there from the States and enjoy some quiet beach time. St. Thomas offers some of the most beautiful beaches with clear blue waters and good food!! Chelsea and David chose to invite only their closest family and friends to attend their wedding. People are important to them so they wanted as much time as possible with everyone. Days leading up everyone hung out and explored the little island together. Their wedding day was magical.