Laura + Justin // Miami, FL

Justin and Laura foreheads touching in a beautiful green courtyard

May 25th // Miami, Florida

This midwest mixed with cuban culture wedding was both hot + spicy. Miami turned out to be the perfect setting for Justin and Laura’s family-oriented grand wedding day. It was a humid May spring day with a light breeze in the air. They both held their anxious filled excitement through the getting ready process till they saw each other for the first time at the alter. 

Justin and Laura met in Nashville while out with friends one random weekend. Laura lived in Miami and Justin in Knoxville but that did not stop Justin from pursuing hard after this beautiful woman. He was enamored by her beauty and kindness from the first moment they spoke. He did EVERYTHING to see her; even drive 18 hours in one weekend just to see her for 24 hours and drive home. They did long distance up until this last year where they bought a house together and a cute golden doodle puppy in Kentucky. 

Laura’s cuban family and friends were fun and loud and full of energy! Justin’s Ohio family loved every minute experiencing the culture during the wedding. They got married in an old historic church in a gorgeous part of town with hundreds of their closest friends gathered looking down the aisle as Laura walked the long rows of this old church. Tears and laughter were much to be had during the ceremony. 

I could not get over the sunlight, the lush green trees and unique architecture with textured walls. It was magical for a photographer and a friend. Growing up with Justin, I always knew he would marry a kind woman. Together they make a beautiful couple that will continue to help people their whole lives. 

The night ended with a ridiculously amazing reception. From the dinner, to the crazy cuban hour and cigars as the parting gift- this wedding was unlike one I had ever photographed before. 

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