Codie + Josh // Valley of the Fire,NV


Las Vegas, Nevada, Red Rocks National Park

This cute Aussie couple flew over the ocean to get eloped in Las Vegas. But this is not your typical Las Vegas elopement. They wanted to get married in the mountains. Red Rocks National Park just outside of Las Vegas holds these BEAUTIFUL rocks that are so stunning you can’t believe it. In person they are this deep deep orange/red tone against the desert blue skies. Carved and etched out by the wind and water, these rocks hold millions of years of history. Codie and Josh chose their location well!!

They met 7 years ago from mutual friends. They’re country kids who enjoy moterbikes, camping, and playing with their dogs. They are always looking for that next adventure and America it was! They came to Vegas at the beginning of their 3 week America trip. A limo picked us up to take us out to the Red Rocks. Codie, Josh, Me and my camera. I still can’t get over the fact that literally no one knew they were doing this but their parents- true elopement style. We had a good chat on the way out- I really got to know their relationship. They said their vows to each other next to the side of the Red Rocks and I had them dance in the sun till it went down. They are full of jokes, insightful knowledge, and easy conversation. I know where I’ll be visiting next!!

If you ever thought about getting married at RED ROCKS…DO IT! SO WORTH IT.

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