Merry Go Round Rock Elopement

August 30, 2023

THE SUN!!! It’s magical in Sedona, especially in October. As you can see below, eloping in Sedona is an easy yes! With countless options of red rock locations to choose from, it’s no wonder people travel from all over the world to visit but also get married here! Tara + Lauren eloped at the famous Merry Go Round Rock. I’m going to tell you all the things on how to get here and how to have an incredible experience at Merry Go Round!

1.Renting a Jeep

The road to get to Merry Go Round Rock is not for the faint of heart. It is a 40-50 min drive up a very steep and bumpy road. You MUST get a vehicle that is designed for off roading specifically. Do not take your rental car or even a jeep you have rented. You need an off roading jeep or Forerunner with tire pressure set to a certain psi. There are a few great companies to rent an off roading jeep from in town but the ones I trust the most are Red Rock Rubicon!

With Red Rock Rubicon you can rent for the day or the week and take it more than just Merry Go Round. Kris, the owner, offers a wide variety of jeeps that are all brand new and are highly trusted! They start at $250 for the day. Here is their FAQ’s page just incase you have certain questions regarding the jeeps.

2. Choosing an Officiant

This is a very important decision to be made for your ceremony. Ceremonies are the traditional part of weddings but they also offer beauty, poetry, union of two joining together. I believe the officiant can either make or break the experience of a ceremony. That is why these are a few HIGHLY suggested officiants in the Sedona area that we have worked with over the last 10 years and who offer wonderful experiences for couples.

3. To get flowers or no flowers?

This is always the question flowers or no flowers? We think yes!! Flowers add the right beautiful touch to any landscape or wedding attire. We always suggest flowers because when else will you get to hold a bouquet of beautiful flowers and wear a dress again in the middle of the Arizona Red Rocks?! Here are a few great florists in the Sedona/Flagstaff area!

4. Time of day for ceremony

Arizona is known for our beautiful sunsets and wide open skies. Because of this we HIGHLY suggest getting married and being out at Merry Go Round near sunrise or sunset. Anytime in between will be very bright harsh lighting. It’s a very enjoyable experience if you shoot around sunset! All the Pink Jeep Tours will be gone by then and it’s usually very quiet and private.

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