Fancy Flagstaff Wedding

April 13, 2023

How to plan a big wedding in Flagstaff

Just because you want to get married in the pine trees and mountains doesn’t mean you need to have a hippie/boho wedding! You can have a fancy wedding in the pine trees with strung lights, big ball gown, and fancy tent! And I’m going to tell you how to do it in this blog! Now I don’t plan weddings myself but there is an amazing wedding planner here in Flagstaff that can make all your dreams come true!

1.Hire a wedding planner

This is a must. I know I know they can be expensive but I’ve been to countless weddings the bride was setting up the tables in between her hair + make up or the family is stressed running around rather than enjoying. Planners help to not only plan the day from start to finish with ease but they help decorate, tell where vendors should set up, and usher guests to the next stage. There needs to be a point person on a wedding day because it is a large event!

I HIGHLY suggest hiring Kim Duncan !!! She is thoughtful in her wedding day process. She is Type A in a good way where she is on it like no bodies business! You can trust her to design a beautiful wedding but also run the day with ease and consistency. She is a born and raised Flagstaff woman who is also an amazing interior designer in town as well!

2. Book an stunning venue

There are a few stunning venues in Flagstaff that offer a more elevated look rather than a rustic look.

Forest Highlands Golf Club offers a unique classy and upscale approach to Flagstaff weddings with beautiful views of the mountain, green trimmed grass, and indoor white reception space that aren’t just your normal reception space. Their team is highly professional and every single wedding I’ve shot there is done to the nine!

3.Choose the right florist

Arizona has many amazing florists that are all willing to travel across state to design for a wedding!

The Wild Flower AZ is my favorite florist in Arizona! They are highly creative, talented, and really elevate the look for a fancy big wedding in Flagstaff. Florals can take the wedding to the next step for design, look, and overall feel of a wedding day. Choosing the right florist is a must because some florist don’t see your vision or can handle a larger fancy wedding.

Getting married in Flagstaff in the spring, summer, fall, or winter is never a bad idea! Flagstaff can offer all different styles of weddings due to the pine trees and vendors here that can put on a fancy big wedding!

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