How to Elope at Baby Bell Rock

March 20, 2023

Sedona, Arizona elopement guide

Riley and Sam wanted a non traditional and only family kind of wedding with no agenda or large plan. They didn’t even want an officiant or any sort of traditional ceremony. And they did not want staged photos. So when they asked me where they should get married I first thought of Baby Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona!

Baby Bell Rock offers 360 amazing views of the red rocks. It is secluded and tends to be completely private. The only people there are quick mountain bikers who pass by in an instant. Just a short 10 minute walk out from the Court House Vista parking lot you will get to Baby Bell Rock with views of Bell Rock and Court House in the background. It’s truly a breath taking little hike that will leave you with the best of the best photographs.

Tips on Eloping at Baby Bell Rock:

  • Get there decently early before the time you have planned to allow for parking. Court House Vista Parking lot is the hub for multiple popular trailheads in Sedona.
  • Buy a Red Rock Parking Pass! This is good for almost all other hikes in Sedona as well. You can get that when you pull up in the parking lot.
  • Bring other shoes to walk out in. It’s a short walk, nothing too crazy or steep. But would be much faster in tennis shoes or flats rather than heels or wedges.
  • For photographs- 30 mins before is perfection. The sun will go down behind the mountain and you’ll get the best even lighting. Then wait till the sunsets and you’ll get even better dusk photos!
  • Hire a local officiant to perform your wedding . Jen Paul is one of my very favorite officiants in the area!!
  • Plan for florals if you want a bouquet of flowers. Here are a few amazing florist in the area:
  • Rent an air b+b to go after for a more casual dinner either made by family or catered!

Either way you do it, it’s going to be exactly the way it was suppose to be. Trust and know that 🙂

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