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Coloray Decor wallpaper

Give me all the tropical wallpaper vibes PLEASEEEE. From a young young age my mother taught me how to put up wall paper. We also would strip wall paper. That vinegar smell is still etched into my memory box of childhood. I’m grateful for her diligence to continue to learn new skills and teach me! WALLPAPER is a whole thing but I’m so grateful I decided to choose it for a fun accent wall for my office wall. Of course I had to do tropical vibes, there was no other way.

I searched and searched the internet for the very perfect wallpaper and I found this one on : But I decided to do peel and stick because I wanted it to be easier haha! I highlyyy suggest.

Here are some tips and tricks for DIY WALLPAPER!

1.Grab a friend. It’s always easier to do with a friend or extra hands. Don’t attempt alone.

2.Start top down left to right. We couldn’t do this because of my angled wall…it would have been SO MUCH easier. Highly suggest to do top down instead of bottom up.

3.Get a wallpaper tool that can pop out all those bubbles!

4.A straight edge is best to cut the extra wallpaper from top or bottom with holding a straight edge.

5.Give yourself a few hours…or maybe a few more than you might think!

6.ALWAYS clean the wall down first and remove any spots that will cause damage to the wallpaper. You want a crisp nice clean wall.

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