Helpful tips: What to do with your photos now

What to do with Your Photos NOW!?

So you got amazing professional photos taken. You may have budgeted money for new family photos this year or you invested into wedding photography. But you haven’t printed ANYTHING because you feel overwhelmed by the process of how to choose photos, where to print, and what to print. WELL friends I’m here to help!

I believe as a photographer it is my job to help clients print their work. It’s always been the photographers job since DAY ONE of photography but it’s been lost in the digital age due to DSLR cameras. Often times printing gets slipped on the to do list because it’s just ONE more thing to get done. 

Say you carve out the time after the kids go to bed or when you have a free night and glass of wine- NOW WHAT? How to you choose what photos? Frames, canvas, album? Then what size? What color? How many? 

Here are some visual ideas you can do easily that will transform your walls with the memories of your heart. 

Tips on Choosing Photos: 

  1. Go through your online gallery and “Heart” or pull the photos that instantly make you laugh, smile, brings a tear to your eye. 
  2. Think about the season of life- what photo speaks most to that season? Remember you are printing photos that will remind you of your life, so choose photos that bring you back to a place of joy. 
  3. Textures + details always help to tell the story- not just faces! If you are printing two side by side photos pull one photo of faces and another one up close tight detail or far away landscape shot. It helps the eye give rest while looking over all on a wall. 

Now you choose your photos, you must decide in what format do you want your memories to be hung on the walls or held in your hands. Below are 4 different options in photo formats for printing!


There are 100000 photos for you to print but only so much wall space. First- choose based on the above recommendations by season of life and what brings you the most joy. Then… PRINT THEM! DON’T WAIT. 

I highly suggest going through the online gallery from where the printers are designed to communicate color space + pixel size with our high quality professional cameras. I’ve said this so much but I will say it again- print quality matters. Please whatever you do don’t go through Shutter Fly or Walmart- their printers are not designed for the professional camera. They are designed to communicate better with iPhones or quick photos. You paid HOW MUCH to get professional photos taken? Well professional printing matters JUST AS MUCH. Please.If you don’t go through your photographer- again which I highly suggest- here are a few other places that are quality prints:  


These are my favorite way to add a little color and spunk to any wall in ANY room of the house. There are SO MANY different types of frames. You can find them inexpensive, custom, or unique as you want. Often times I will go to GoodWill and find old frames- paint them and put a photo in there for all under $1.00. Tips on buying frames:

  • Bigger the better- in my opinion. If you have a large wall I would suggest 1-2 large frames to fill the wall next to each other 
  • Colors + texture- Think about accent colors in your room. Do you like gold? White, Black? 
  • White borders in photographs help the photograph stand out. But remember when you print you are trying to fit within the little frame not the full frame. 
  • Amazon Gold Frame
  • Artifact Uprising Frames
  • Hobby Lobby Frames


I have so  many canvas’s in my house! I LOVE them so much because you get the full photo without the frame. They are statement pieces that stand off the wall and add an extra boost of boldness to any room. 

I HIGHLY suggest going through me to order a canvas through CG PRO PRINTS. They are some of the best quality canvas’s I’ve seen for a fraction of the price at other places. 

If you are a client of mine you can order wonderful canvas’s through your online gallery as well!! It makes it easy and quick. 


I rave about Kiss Wedding Books because they are THE BEST high quality albums I’ve ever seen. With thick pages, the most premium leather + linen covers, with the best customer service made right here in the US, they are the best heirloom gift to pass down through the generations. But if you cannot afford one of these $200-1000 custom made albums here are some other options: 

I RAVE about Artifact Uprising and won’t stop. They are some of my favorite printers in the country because of their quality work and customer interface when designing albums and printing prints. They have options for quality books, large albums, and quick little magazine style books for little gifts. 

From family vacation memories to baby books to wedding albums- they create the most beautiful gifts + memories to have on the coffee table for reasonable costs. You can even customize the front covers with gold embossing. 

This process can be stressful to choose which photos to print but once you do, you will be SO HAPPY you did!

Here are a link to order a handmade Kiss Album that can be passed down through each generation.

xoxo-Hannah Rose

Romantic LGBTQ Couple in Flagstaff

Forest Love

Lydia and Paige met in class while studying in Seattle. “It was an instant connection” they both said as we walked through the forest to find that sunset light coming through the trees. They are so sweet with each other, the way I want someone to be sweet on me. There is a gentleness and humility between their relationship I am in awe of. They both work together as Engineers in town. And they recently bought a house together on a whim just down the hill from where we were photographing. We all laughed a lot. I really cherish clients like these who turn into friends by the end of our session.

Helpful Tips Blog: Organizing + Editing your Photos

When it comes to organizing photographs I think I need to take this advice into play! I have half of my process down really well and the other half I’m always working on. But here is what I do have in organizing and printing my digital photos on IPHONE + computer : 


Once a month, take 30mins, go through your iPhone photos and delete doubles + blurry photos, ones where they’re not looking at the camera, and underexposed photos. This must be done regularly or your iCloud storage + memory on your phone will be filled up. Remember QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. The best thing about looking at your grandparents photos are there are only a handful of images not 100000. Place value on 30 good images from a vacation rather than 100. You will thank yourself later because when there is clutter and too many photos you won’t want to go back through them. You will feel overwhelmed and won’t know what to do with them all. 


I believe in the cloud but I also believe in hard copy storage. Invest in a 1 TB harddrive where you plug into your computer and transfer all your photos + documents over just incase anything would happen to your computer or if you forget your cloud storage password. 

List of good ones on amazon: 


I organize my photos on an external harddrive by year- month- names or event. For example: 

  • 2019
  • January 
  • Grace + Adam or Novalee’s 2nd Birthday 
  • I also export my file names like this: 
  • 2019-jan-Grace+Adam 
  • so I know exactly where it and the file name. No loosing photos anymore!! 


I’ve written so many blogs on this topic- here is one specifically about why I think printing is so important. But I will touch on the topic again here. 

Once your photos are off your iPhone and onto a harddrive backed up- now it’s time to actually enjoy your images off a screen and in your hands or walls. 

Printing your photography is SO SO SO important. Here are a few ideas to get them off your phone : 

  • Chatbooks from instagram
  • Artifact uprising
  • Blurb
  • Kiss wedding book once a year of big yearbook 
  • Big prints for your walls 

Becca + Sean Michael // Hudson, ohio

Happy Summer Midwest Wedding

Becca and Sean Michael are some of the happiest kind people I know. They invite everyone in with their warmth and friendship instantly!! Although they live in Houston, Texas they wanted to get married at Becca’s fathers church in Ohio. It was a dream of hers as a child to get married by her father in the church she grew up. With elegance and florals – her father walked her down the aisle to Sean Michael tearing up. The bride and groom have this strong connection that I could feel just by watching their interactions. 

It was a HOT July afternoon wedding, so much so that all the groomsmen ended up having to chill out in the freezer at the church! Even though, we all melted, you can’t tell in the photographs one bit! You can only see laughter, joy, and lots of romance!! HOT DANG, just wait till you see him look at her. 

The reception was in downtown Hudson at a beautiful venue right by the river. With big windows and bright summer evening light – the whole reception was perfect. They brought in fire truck pizza that was amazing and so yummy! All their Houston family and friend traveled up to Ohio to meet and commune with the Ohio family. It was one big community dinner feel with lots of love and smiles. 

Mammoth Lake Intimate Wedding

Mammoth Lakes Intimate Wedding

WHERE do I even start with this beautiful 20 person intimate mountain lake wedding day? Do I start where Jake and Kelly met in college at a dance party and instantly fell for each other? Or do I start when they moved to Bend and created a life together and decided to get married? Or do I start at their vows, which were poetry and made everyone cry? It all was intentional and purposeful. I’m honored to not only be their photographer but also their friend.

Kelly has a superpower of love and kindness. You will not meet a more in touch, grateful, inspiring human on this planet. She pulls you into her grace and bliss of life. You are enamored by her awe and wonder of this life. 

Jake is so vastly compassionate and intentional you will feel like the only person in the room when you are talking. He can hold the longest eye contact, so don’t you try to win at a staring contest! He is intelligent, open hearted, and warm. 

They wanted a small wedding up in the mountains. Each decision made from the food to the air b+b, to the flowers, and arbor at their ceremony was picked with intention. They loved every process of planning this wedding because they were SO EXCITED to get married. After 7 years of dating and engagement, it was time to invite people into their deep love. They decided on Convict Lake in Mammoth Lakes after a family trip a year earlier. They knew this would be the spot they would become one. It was truly breathtaking. 

Jake started reciting this vows with a poem he wrote her the first year they were dating. As soon as he started speaking she started mouthing the words because she had memorized it after all these years of him repeating it to her. Kelly’s vows were heart wrenching, explaining how much love she has for him and how alive she feels in his presence. I stood there with the wind blowing my hair all around, camera in hand, soaking it all in. The mountains stood tall behind them and I cried a bit.

I realized this is why I love photographing weddings. Not because the beautiful details or the likes on instagram, but because I get to be apart of this deep love that is helping to heal the world. Jake and Kelly, by being open for all to drink deeply of possibility of beautiful love, are truly helping to heal the broken world. It’s all apart of being human and I cannot imagine not photographing weddings for this reason alone. 

Immediately after they kissed, Jake and Kelly danced down the aisle while their friends jumped up and started dancing with them. Many hugs and tears were given throughout family photos. As the sun started to set, the three of us romped around the lake enjoying the majesty of the nature together. We came back to the Air B+B to a long table set up on the deck filled with lace, flowers, and a dinner setting. It was a relaxing reception where we laughed and ate good food. The night ended with hours and hours of dancing all together. Goofy playful dancing.