Becca + Sean Michael // Hudson, ohio

Happy Summer Midwest Wedding

Becca and Sean Michael are some of the happiest kind people I know. They invite everyone in with their warmth and friendship instantly!! Although they live in Houston, Texas they wanted to get married at Becca’s fathers church in Ohio. It was a dream of hers as a child to get married by her father in the church she grew up. With elegance and florals – her father walked her down the aisle to Sean Michael tearing up. The bride and groom have this strong connection that I could feel just by watching their interactions. 

It was a HOT July afternoon wedding, so much so that all the groomsmen ended up having to chill out in the freezer at the church! Even though, we all melted, you can’t tell in the photographs one bit! You can only see laughter, joy, and lots of romance!! HOT DANG, just wait till you see him look at her. 

The reception was in downtown Hudson at a beautiful venue right by the river. With big windows and bright summer evening light – the whole reception was perfect. They brought in fire truck pizza that was amazing and so yummy! All their Houston family and friend traveled up to Ohio to meet and commune with the Ohio family. It was one big community dinner feel with lots of love and smiles. 

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