Disrupt-HER // Book Review

Disrupt-Her : A Manifesto for the Modern Woman

Miki Agrawal 

What I thought of the book:

Miki’s words are insightful, pushing the status quo, and inspiring. She pulls in her experience as a business woman, a mother, and passionate movement shifter to shake your normal up ways of thinking. She takes 13 different areas of life that most people are “ok” with and shows you a different way to come at it. Everything from feminism, patriarchy , money, perfectionism, relationships, business, and vulnerability. At the end of each chapter she gives questions for you to journal and work through / talk about with other people. Along with a challenge. So her words don’t just sound good in the moment you read them but start to root and take action within your life. 

Miki is such a unique woman. She sees the world differently therefore she lives differently. She is ok pushing what society has said is the standard into reaching for more. This book will get you fired up to shift things in your life and in your mind. You may not agree with everything she says but there you must be open to her perspective. Change helps us to grow and become better evolved humans and this book is tool for that growth. 

Who should read this book?

Literally every woman who is fed up with how it “should” be. Anyone who needs a little fire under their tired feet. Anyone who has always felt they were different. Anyone who thinks for the equality of humans. Anyone who enjoys questioning the status quo. And anyone who is uncomfortable with questioning the status quo, feminist, sex, money, and everything else taboo. This book will ease you in nicely to the conversation and show you everyone has a place at the table to have a discussion. 

Why should you read this book?

You should read this book because we must not get stagnant. We must not be ok with what society is telling is. That we need more things, that money is tacky to talk about, we must grow up and get a real job, we should get skinner, buy a bigger house, etc. Miki will disrput your life. She will disrupt all the thing you  think you know about society for the better. 

Favorite Quote:

“What are some of humanity’s greatest obstacles?

Societal thinking.


Traditional “rules.”

The “status quo.”

In order to move humanity forward, we need a healthy dose of disruption . . .

. . . But this time from a modern woman’s perspective.”


WEBISTE: https://www.disrupther.co/

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Disrupt-Her-Manifesto-Modern-Miki-Agrawal-ebook/dp/B079P32W22

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mikiagrawal/?hl=en

St.Thomas Destination Wedding

Deep blue ocean waves, palm trees swaying in the wind, rum punch drinks for days. Saint Thomas destination weddings are a world of their own! One that Chelsea and David decided to run away to and get married in. Their love for quality time with their family and friends plus fun ocean memories was a no brainer to why they chose to do a destination wedding.

St. Thomas is in the US Virgin Islands. You don’t need a passport and they use US currency. It makes it really easy to travel there from the States and enjoy some quiet beach time. St. Thomas offers some of the most beautiful beaches with clear blue waters and good food!! Chelsea and David chose to invite only their closest family and friends to attend their wedding. People are important to them so they wanted as much time as possible with everyone. Days leading up everyone hung out and explored the little island together. Their wedding day was magical.

Chicago Wintery Wedding Day

On a cold snowy April day in Chicago, Illinois Laura and Greg did the thing!! They got married in a ridiculously beautiful bright white church and had the most epic after party. Elegance, simplicity, with a touch of flare is how I would describe this wedding and their love. Greg is sassy and funny while Laura is so fun and down to the point. Together they make the best match.

I was so taken aback at the Midwest for dumping the most beautiful thick white big snow flakes on April 28th. We were expecting possibly spring showers but we got full blown snowy winter day. It was perfect. Laura always wanted a winter wedding and SHE GOT IT! They danced the night away with their friends and ended the evening with Greg’s FAVORITE- Pizza.

Maternity Session // Maui, Hawaii

I met these two lovely humans on a boat trip to watch the whales. They were visiting Hawaii from California with their friends, a little friends trip before the baby came! We were chatting and I asked them if they wanted maternity photos while they were here since I was trying to grow more of my work in Hawaii. And they said YES immediately after canceling on another shoot with a photographer a day before.

We woke up for sunrise and met them at this beautiful location down by the water. It was all things magical and beautiful. I was so happy I could photograph the love between the two before their family turns into three. I’m always so honored when I get to document significant changes in peoples lives.

Arizona’s Best Engagement Session locations

The reason why I love Arizona is because the immense diversity all in one state.  You have mountains, desert, cactus, lakes, canyons, red rocks, and trees. It’s truly an amazing state, one that often gets only recognition for being a desert. Below is a list of my FAVORITE Arizona locations for outdoor engagement sessions. My clients usually want something extreme and different than their normal. I try my best to find the most unique locations to have a beautiful experience to remember.


Maybe it’s because it’s the place I feel most at peace in Arizona or it’s gorgeous landscape but Sedona is my FAVORITE place to photograph couples in Arizona. With the epic red rock background and creekside sounds Sedona has something for everyone. I have my top spots to go such as Tlaquepaque, Cathedral Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, and Red Rock Crossing to get a variety of Sedona. You will see below why it’s my favorite.

2. Page

Can you say OMG epic? Between Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell Page has endless options for photoshoots here in the desert. The orange rust color does amazing things to the skin. Just remember to get a permit (if needed for location), bring water, and get tacos after the shoot in Page at any of their amazing Mexican restaurants. Also, don’t wear the color orange/red because you want to stand out among the rocks not blend in.

3. Grand Canyon

Ridiculously amazing is a good phrase to use for a Grand Canyon engagement session! It’s overwhelming and romantic. Park entrance fee is $30 so be prepared for that! With the Arizona harsh light be aware it is VERY hard to shoot until the sunsets or right after. The canyon is beautiful but hard to shoot sometimes. Find spots where the photographer can be up higher to get a more full look of the canyon.

4. Flagstaff

My hometown! This place is special because I know all the hidden gems to get the best angles of the mountain. If you want a view of the mountain you’ll have to stay in town or go out on a forest service road. If you want to be in the mountain and aspen go up to either Snowbowl or Lockett Meadow! In August there are sunflowers EVERYWHERE. If you want snow come up during the winter and if you want the colors of leaves changing come up during late September-October. It’s a glorious place to get your photos done always with good sunsets!

5. Phoenix

There are MANY spots you can go in Phoenix to get a desert cactus look! Botanic gardens is a great spot along with South Mountain. Remember the desert is best to photograph in the morning or evening due to harsh light. Light colors look good in the desert along with black. You really can’t go wrong. It’s unique and different! 

6. Fossil Creek

YES Arizona has waterfalls!! you just have to go searching for them. This location is a bit of a hike but SO worth it. You will need a permit to go because they only let a few people in each day. Remember to do it online through the forest service a week or more in advance! Those blue waters are perfect to take a dip in and then photograph with a lover. 

Surprise Proposal in the Red Rocks of Sedona


This surprise proposal story is very sweet and perfect for the romantic Red Rock location. Sam contacted me months ago while I was in Hawaii. Him and Bridget were coming out to Sedona to visit from out East to have a little vacation the two of them. They have dated for over 6 years after meeting in high school. They went to two different colleges but yet through the years they have managed to stay strong and united.

Bridget was completely surprised!! I went out early to our spot where I told Sam to bring Bridget that evening. I was pretending to do yoga while my camera was hidden under a blanket. It was a WINDY night but beautiful sunset. He pulled her over to the most perfect spot and got down on one knee. It was all very magical and perfect. She had no idea I was photographing at all until he pointed over to me. From there we hugged, talked, and photographed their engagement session!

They are the sweetest couple that have such a beautiful friendship. SOO lucky I was able to document their proposal.