Paradise Valley Resort Wedding in the Desert

Desert Oasis Wedding

Smoke Tree Resort // Paradise Valley, AZ

May 5th 2018

Oh my dear goodness! This Phoenix desert resort wedding was one filled with joy, fun, and a whole lot of laughter. Renee and Jordan dated years ago in high school when they realized it was just not going to work out. Both Flagstaff,AZ natives they grew up in the mountains skiing and fishing. He is goofy, genuine, and kind. She is the sweetest thing on the earth, compassionate, and hard worker. They make this dream team of a couple after getting back together in college. They had their son Henry and decided to get married six years later. The Smoke Tree Resort is located in Paradise Valley with bungalows, pools, and desert vibes. Palm trees and agave plants surround the property where only their guests were staying.

Renee’s father is a Hot Shot for Flagstaff Fire so during the long summers when he was away, her mother would take the girls down to this resort for some fun. This resort housed Jordan and Renee’s 120 person wedding with Mexican food and margaritas’!! Cannot forget to mentioned how most people ended up in the pool by the end of the night because it was May 5th and still SO HOT in Phoenix.

Sena Family // Flagstaff, AZ

Sena Family // Downtown Flagstaff

For the FOURTH year in a row I have photographed this amazing Flagstaff family and their twin little boys. I am obsessed with how their downtown family session turned out!! Usually we shoot in the aspens/forest but NOT this year!! In Flagstaff we have all these amazing murals, so OF course we had to go find them. Along with parking lot roof tops and sunset vibes! Oh goodness the boys looked so stink cute!

Horseshoe Bend Elopement



omgggg this couple, this location, this day… it was all so good and real and amazing. With their closest family members, Dave and Danielle jumped into a jeep to head out for a sunset tour over looking Horseshoe Bend + a slot canyon. CAN WE say wildly beautiful?! ANYONE! My favorite part of living in Arizona is the diversity of landscape in this state. I am spoiled that this location is just two hours north of Flagstaff.

Just about a 3 hour tour Dave + Danielle were able to explore and get eloped with her dad officiating through Horseshoe Bend + Slot Canyon Tours. Tears and cheers! After almost nine years of being together they decided it was time.

Morgan + Andrew // Rockport,MA

Morgan + Andrew

Rockport, MA // August 5th 2018

Oh the sweetness of being loved. On a warm humid August Sunday morning, I found my dear friend Morgan getting ready in a church for her wedding that day. Her and her girls were laughing and all humming around the room. There was this excitement in the air. Morgan and Andrew didn’t want to do a first look. They are traditional in that way and I respect that about them. WOW was it worth the wait. If you scroll down you can see Andrew’s face when Morgan walked through the white church doors. Priceless. It’s in these moments we find the meaning of life. When everyone is silence, present, and partaking in the beauty of a union.

Rockport, Massachusetts is BEAUTIFUL. North of Boston on the coast, Rockport sits looking over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s everything you think a New England coastal town would look like. Tight houses all lining the roads with white cottage style architecture homes and ocean views. I can’t express how much I want a home there but sadly I live very far away. Morgan and Andrew met at a friends wedding a few years earlier. He was instantly smitten. He had his eye on the price from that moment and did everything he could to convince her of his love. And it worked! Their families and friends were a lively bunch breaking out in song at random parts of the day to their wild dancing. I believe the couples energy makes a wedding but ALSO their guests do. And let’s just say I’ve never sweated so much during a dance party! Possibly due to the humidity but mostly due to the intensity of dancing!!

Their love is sweet. It’s goofy. It’s honest and true.

Jess + Chris // Denver,CO


Denver // Red Rocks + Random field

THIS people are freaking amazing. They wrap you up like you are their new best friend and take you in. They are funny, loud, kind, and adventurous!!! But not like normal adventures just hiking or kayaking. Like crazy adventures around the world. Jess and Chris met a few years ago while Jess was a waitress and Chris was ordering. He left his number for her. They live in Denver but their wedding will be in Crested Butte and when they asked me to come to Denver for their engagement session I didn’t blink an eye! Denver in the summer for work?!! Hell yeah!!


We got stuck in the rain but it didn’t matter. Good ole tacos and margarita’s warmed us up after.  And of COURSE their cute new puppy came along for the journey. Enjoy 🙂