Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face

Girl, Wash Your Face : Rachel Hollis

This book is empowering + encouraging at minimum.

Rachel takes you through the lies she has believed through of her life dealing with trauma, triumphs, motherhood, dating, marriage, and struggles with genuine humorous moments. Without too much Christian language, she invites the reader into the life of a hard working mom of 4 balancing her insecurities and fears while maintaining a legit real conversation with Christian values. She is honest with gut punching type of love and advice for the girl in her twenties trying to figure out the dating world, the mom in her thirties trying to balance motherhood and work, and the women in her forties overcoming all that life has thrown at her. She does not stray away from topics that may seem taboo or too personal…she actually addresses them head on with vulnerability hoping if she can walk through the fire first others will not be afraid to either. Rachel hopes that more Christian women will be real about their life and invite us into each other’s stories without hiding the hard parts or displaying them in a nice little neat box. She is cute, ( I follower her on social media), funny, and genuine with being PUSHY to not let life pass you by.

I personally listened to this book on Audible and it was great to do laundry to, clean, drive, or sit on the plane. Beware- I definitely cried at moments on the plane when I was not expecting it. She dives into topics of her brothers death, bad sex for years in marriage, bad luck during foster and adoption processes, work life balance and peeing her pants while jumping on the trampoline with her kids. I bet you anything you’ll fall in love with her by the end of the book. Not because she is funny or even full of insights but because she is REAL and honest about this life we are all living.

Who should read this book:

A woman who needs a kick in your pants to get going on a project, to pick yourself back up again, or to know you are not alone in this world.

Why should you read this book?

Because every once in a while it’s good to know you are not the only one who struggles with body image issues, traumatic experiences in your childhood you are just now processing through, and her perspective on this whole Christian woman life is REAL, throwing away the ideals of perfection.

Favorite Quote:

“You can live through something that rocks your world off it’s axis, you can survive losing a piece of your heart without losing the core of who you are. More than nearly surviving the loss, you can thrive. You can do it because it’s what you deserve. More importantly you can survive the loss because living is the greatest honor you can give to the person you lost. Even if the person who is gone was your younger more innocent self. “

You can find her:




xoxo -Han

How to start a bookclub!


Tips on how to start a book club + book recommendations

My mother has been in the same bookclub for the last 25 years. They met once a month and have continued this tradition for all these years. I remembered when it was book club night  at our house. I would help my mom get the house ready, set up all the snacks, and help her make dinner for her friends.  I would sit and listen to some of their conversation about the books they read and eventually got sent up stairs once the wine was flowing and conversation wasn’t “kid friendly”. Every night before bed I would read a book or listen to one on tape. I’ve done this ever since I could remember. Even last night I got in bed at 12:30am after a long night of finished editing and HAD to read at least for 10 minutes. It’s almost like my brain needs that space between technology, talking all day long, and activities to sleep time.

When I moved to Flagstaff I so badly wanted to start a bookclub but with me traveling so much I knew it was going to be hard to invest the time. Finally, after 3 years of being in Flagstaff I saw my schedule slowing down. Although, I had every excuse in the book for 6 months to not start the club. I don’t have enough time to read a book a month, that will get expensive (not like I don’t already buy a book a month?), and no one will actually read the book will they? My good friend Taylor kept asking me every month- “when are you starting this thing?” Sooooo eventually in January, flying home from Ohio after the Holidays ,I sent out a big text to friends and facebook messages to see who was interested. Well friends, we got a strong bookclub which meets once a month and EVERYONE actually reads the book!!! Here are some tips on how to start


Invite 6-8 friends/random people/strangers and have them invite 1 person who LOVES to read. I told my girls at the beginning this is not a small group where we’re going to talk about our feelings…we’re going to talk about the topics of the book!! (Although, we all end up catching up for an hour before discussing the book….I love it.) Don’t JUST invite your closest friends. You are looking for women who will have very different ideas, mindsets, opinions than you. That’s how you have great conversation and grow as an individual. 

You don’t want it to become too big or not everyone will be able to talk. I think over 13-15 would get a little crazy. Not everyone can come every meeting too, so            invite more than you think. People will drop out or want to bring more friends. Our is about 10 each time and it’s the perfect size!! 


Start a facebook message or email chain with everyone in it so you can attach the book title, time, address for hostess house, etc.


Meet at each others houses ONCE a month at the end. We try to find a date that works for everyone. My moms bookclub meets the last Tuesday of every month, so it’s always a set date.

 The person who is hosting chooses the book. New book, new house.

It’s really fun to see everyones houses and have a meal!

 Have a sign up sheet for each month in the year so people can know when to plan and come prepared with the next book for the month at each meeting.

 You don’t want to much time in-between the last meeting and when you give the title of the next. Some people read slower than others, so try to reveal the next           book at the end of the meeting.


The host prepares a meal or appetizers! It makes it easier and everyone gets a turn at their house. Wine is always a must.

Good options are:

-Big Salad with toppings

-Charcuterie Board

-Slowcooked Chilli


-Thai Curry + Veggies


You can choose ANY BOOK in the universe. We do a lot of novels, self help, nonfiction historical, etc. Anything under the sun. What is fun is that I would have never picked those books myself but was so happy to read them. 

I would suggest going to your local library and renting books! SO MUCH CHEAPER. but I love marking in my books and giving them to someone else after I read them- so I tend to buy them a log through Amazon.

BUT new discovery- our local Bookstore has a 15% discount on all their books if you register as a bookclub…so I’m starting buy all my books there.


The host usually comes prepared with 1-4 discussion questions to start conversation. If it’s a really good book we don’t need guided questions, the conversation ebbs and flows naturally.

Some questions we like to always start with are:

1.Would you recommend this book and why or why not?

2.What character did you connect the best with?

3.What was your favorite part of the book?

A few good book recommendations :

Chasing Slow- Erin Loechner

-Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

Big Magic- Elizabeth Gilbert

-Into the Magic Shop- James R Doty. M.D.

-How We Love – Milan + Kay Yerkovich

-The Quarter Life Breakthrough – Adam Smiley Poswolsky

-Sing, Unburied, Sing – Jesmyn Ward

Seven- Jen Hatmaker

Love Warrior Glennon Doyle Melton

-The Most Beautiful Things I’ve Seen- Lisa Gungor

-Wild- Cheryl Strayed

-The Secret Life of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd

-Somethings in the Water – Catherine Steadman

Girl, Wash Your Face- Rachel Hollis

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

-Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert

Just a few ideas 🙂

Look how cute my bookclub is!

Welcome to your very own LIT class again…but with wine involved. It’s the best of both worlds for the nerdy adults. 🙂

xoxo- Hannah Rose


Farmhouse Table Plans:

Guys I promise this won’t take long. It’s a quick and easy table plan compared to a lot out there. We made this one custom to my friends kitchen space. So you can build it at whatever size you need! I’ve done 8ft tables for outside or evens shorter ones. This is somewhere in the middle. Two people can sit on each side comfortably and two on the ends! 

Totally can do this in a full Saturday if you start early. We split it up into two-three days!

30 mins to draw plans up

1 hour at home depot to get wood and do a lot of MATH

4 hours to build

3-4 hours to sand and stain

***Remember lumber can vary on width size. Usually it’s not exactly say 12’’ for a 2×12…could be 11.4-6’’ or something. So factor that in as well.We rounded up on all our numbers with the knowledge their not going to be exact but around.


Length: 64.5’’(about5.5ft)

Width :33.5’’ (about3ft)

Height :30’’




Length: 42’’

Width : 12’’

Height : 18’’


Height: 16.5’’


Length: 57.75’’

Width: 28.75’’

Middle: 25.5’’


-Table Saw or Chop Saw


-Kreg Jig Mini (you can find at home depot or walmart for like $20)


-Moto Sander

LUMBER: do your own math to factor what is best value!

2- 2x12x10 (top of table)

1 2x12x12 (top of benches + table)

2 4x4x10 (legs)

2 2x4x8 (frame)


2’’ Screws

2 1/2 or 3” Screws

2’’ Kreg Jig Screws

1.4’’ Kreg Jig Screws



Cut 3 pieces of the 2x12s for top of table to 42’’ long.

Cut 2 pieces of the 2x12s for bread boards top of table at 36’’

Cut 2 pieces of the 2x12s for top of benches at 42”


Cut 2 pieces of the 2x4s for frame length at  57.75’’

Cut 2 pieces of the 2×4’s for frame width at 28.75’’

Cut 2 pieces of the 2×4’s for the middle support at: 25.5’’


Cut 4 pieces of the 4×4’s for the table legs at 18.5 

Cut 8 pieces of the 4×4’s for the bench legs at 16.5

4. Frame!

Making the frame will support the whole table. You will be screwing the table top to the frame once it’s all made. Screw together the length and width to create a rectangle. Then add middle support beams in the middle.

5. Table:

First- you want to make pocket holes on the bottom of the table top 2×12’s. This will create a beautiful look on the top with no screws. It looks better and nothing gets caught on the screw holes. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. We did 3 holes on the outside of the 2 edge pieces. We screwed them both into the middle piece.

Second- Make 4-5 pocket holes on the bread boards then screw them into the three boards already screwed together.

Third- measure how far you want your overhang to be. Most tables are not flush with the edge of the table. Farm tables leg are usually pushed in further which creates a look. We measured 4 inches in from the length of the table and 3.5 in from the width of the side. You can change this depending on how far you want an overhang or you can just go with our dimensions! Make pocket holes into the frame and screw into the table top on bottom.

6. Legs:

Once the frame is secure, you want 2 1/2’’ or 3’’ screws into the outside of the frame to secure the legs in place. If you don’t want to see the screw holes you can make pocket holes into the two sides of the legs into the table. We didn’t mind the look. Or you can cover them after staining with wood putty to hide them!!

BAM the table is finished, flip over! Start on the benches then you’ll be good to go!

7.Bench Legs:

You want to make pocket holes into the 4×4’s for legs. We did two on each side of only two of the sides because we didn’t want to see anything on the outside. This caused a little issue on two of the legs once it was finished so be super sure your screws are in TIGHT!! Screw flush to the side into the bottom of a 2×12 cut at 42’’.

8. SAND THE SHIT out of it. We had a hard time finding perfect wood, so we had to sand a lotttt. But it’s as smooth as butter now. Sand everything from bottom to top (besides the underneath of the table!)

9. If it’s soft wood like pine I would use a wood conditioner so you don’t get splotchy look. Some parts of the wood soak in stain more and some don’t. If it’s harder wood don’t worry about it. Then stain with a rag or brush…and seal it up! We used a matt water based thin layer of polyurethane. If it’s an outdoor table I would use something stronger.

Wait a day or two after staining before sealing!

10. Have a beautiful meal around the table with your friends!!

#makingtables when you are finished so I can see it!!!!


xoxo Han