Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face

Girl, Wash Your Face : Rachel Hollis

This book is empowering + encouraging at minimum.

Rachel takes you through the lies she has believed through of her life dealing with trauma, triumphs, motherhood, dating, marriage, and struggles with genuine humorous moments. Without too much Christian language, she invites the reader into the life of a hard working mom of 4 balancing her insecurities and fears while maintaining a legit real conversation with Christian values. She is honest with gut punching type of love and advice for the girl in her twenties trying to figure out the dating world, the mom in her thirties trying to balance motherhood and work, and the women in her forties overcoming all that life has thrown at her. She does not stray away from topics that may seem taboo or too personal…she actually addresses them head on with vulnerability hoping if she can walk through the fire first others will not be afraid to either. Rachel hopes that more Christian women will be real about their life and invite us into each other’s stories without hiding the hard parts or displaying them in a nice little neat box. She is cute, ( I follower her on social media), funny, and genuine with being PUSHY to not let life pass you by.

I personally listened to this book on Audible and it was great to do laundry to, clean, drive, or sit on the plane. Beware- I definitely cried at moments on the plane when I was not expecting it. She dives into topics of her brothers death, bad sex for years in marriage, bad luck during foster and adoption processes, work life balance and peeing her pants while jumping on the trampoline with her kids. I bet you anything you’ll fall in love with her by the end of the book. Not because she is funny or even full of insights but because she is REAL and honest about this life we are all living.

Who should read this book:

A woman who needs a kick in your pants to get going on a project, to pick yourself back up again, or to know you are not alone in this world.

Why should you read this book?

Because every once in a while it’s good to know you are not the only one who struggles with body image issues, traumatic experiences in your childhood you are just now processing through, and her perspective on this whole Christian woman life is REAL, throwing away the ideals of perfection.

Favorite Quote:

“You can live through something that rocks your world off it’s axis, you can survive losing a piece of your heart without losing the core of who you are. More than nearly surviving the loss, you can thrive. You can do it because it’s what you deserve. More importantly you can survive the loss because living is the greatest honor you can give to the person you lost. Even if the person who is gone was your younger more innocent self. “

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xoxo -Han

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