Rouii + Drew, Singapore


Oct. 21st 2017 // Singapore // Sentosa


There is yet but one word to describe Drew’s love for Roui- it is extraordinary. Just being on the side lines watching all unfold, it feels like a Disney movie. All the magic, wonder, and outrageousness you experience when engaging with such thought through creativity and excitement, is all the same feelings when I’ve watched Drew love Roui. From his insanely beautiful helicopter ride at the Grand Canyon to propose while they were visiting America to him singing a song to her at their wedding. Drew’s love would make any girl blush and weak in the knees.

Their friends call them Droui, and everywhere Droui goes, extreme amounts of joy and love is felt. This couple is a power couple. No one is too far off to love and nothing is too hard they cannot conquer together. My interactions with these two have left me with inspiration and wonder at what love can do.

They are both counselors for kids/young adults battling drug addiction in Singapore. They have some of the biggest hearts I’ve seen around. Drew is creative, talented, and so so so nice. Roui is compassionate, joyful, and has the kindest heart.

Above all they wanted to do things differently. They are not your average Singapore couple. They love Jesus with all their heart and their families with all that they have. I asked if they thought about getting eloped, they nodded in agreement with wishful eyes, but family means too much to them. In Singapore everyone has a big wedding and to forego a wedding would not be very respectful to family and friends wanting to celebrate this new stage of life with the couple. I completely understand and REALLY happy they decided to have a wedding, because it was ridiculously beautiful and so full of everything good under the sun. Music, food, and friends.


My my I have never been to a country like Singapore. It’s clean, well mannered, designed beautifully, very safe, public transit is so organized and easy, super wealthy, and a great mix of all cultures. Oh I forgot to mention…it’s HOT. But I love the humidity, so I was in love.

Drew and Roui had one FULL wedding day, 16 hours to be exact. This wedding consisted of Roui wearing three different wedding dresses, five live bands during ceremony and reception, three Chinese traditional tea ceremonies, one church ceremony and one harbor ceremony, one stop for bubble tea (line cutting as well) LOTS and LOTS of friends, Chinese food, dancing, speeches, blessings, and kisses!

In the images below you will see the full day from start to finish! I included everything so the story can play like a movie in your brain, filling in all the little pieces. We started the day at Roui’s house while she was getting ready. Some of my very favorite images from the day were her bridal portraits in the home she grew up. There is this Chinese tradition called Gatecrashing where the groomsmen come to where bridesmaids and bride is getting ready. BUT the bridesmaids must first make the groomsmen do “challenges” before they can enter the gate. I was told you could see anything from eating really spicy food, to silly games, to embarrassing activities. It was a good laugh we all had when the groomsmen walked up with recorders (yes those little instruments WE ALL learned across the world in elementary school) playing my heart will go on from the movie Titanic. Followed by Drew having to bribe the bridesmaids to get to Roui. All the while because of modern day technology, Roui was being Facetimed in from the room over. Her parents came in to put her veil on representing the passing of bride, for when Drew entered he lifted her veil. The tea ceremonies were following right after Gatecrashing. During these the couple kneels before their elders (parents, older sibilings, aunts, uncles, older cousins) in a sign of respect and thanking them for all that they had done in their life up to that point. It was beautiful to watch.

The sweetest moment of the whole day is when we went to Roui’s grandparents house for the tea ceremony. Her grandfather just survived open heart surgery a few weeks earlier. You will see the moment between the two that was so striking I started crying (first of MANY during the day I cried). He was not able to come to the wedding but hope he can experience it through these images.

Drew and Roui are Christians and really wanted to get married in a church but they are very expensive to rent out for a short ceremony. So they decided to have TWO ceremonies. One at St Andrew’s Cathedral (downtown Singapore open to the public) and one at the Harbor. Only their bridal party and family attended the church wedding. It was there they signed the marriage license and exchanged vows.

The harbor ceremony was filled with 280 of their friends and family on the island of Sentosa. Placed within the tropical vibes of palm trees, peacocks roaming, and beach front, the two decided this was to be the place their celebration was going to be held.

Image this… the sun is starting to set over the ocean. Palm trees sway back and forth waiting to watch from above. The live band starts to sing the song “From the Ground Up” (if you have not heard it go listen to it…or listen to it when you scroll through the images) as the bridesmaids walked down the isle. As Roui gets to the back of the rows the lyrics, “ We’ll build this love up from the ground up, for worse or for better. And I will be all you need. Beside you I’ll stand through the good and the bad. We’ll give all that we have. And we’ll build this love from the ground up.” Cue the tears rolling down everyones face. It was a site to see that I am even getting choked up again as I remember it all. The band continues to play as Roui’s dad hands her off to Drew and goes right into a worship music. It was all too much for both Hailey (my second shooter) and I. It was unlike another ceremony I had experienced before. It wasn’t for show or to get over quickly. It was all aligned so perfectly, the music, the sunset, the ocean. Drew’s father is a pastor and shared some words. They exchanged vows and kissed.

Dreamy, magical, extraordinary.

Then the dinner and hello Grand Entrance like no other!! Confetti, streamers, dry ice, spot light, and a live band singing. Come on now!!!

I noticed that this wedding celebration was different in one significant way compared to American weddings! In Singapore are they are more concerned with honoring and entertaining their guests rather then one big party where everyone dances for hours.Now they danced and danced hard but, their dinner was 8 courses with many many many speeches and blessings given. Can we talk about all the different bands and songs played?! I loved it and already thinking about all the ways I could convinced all my musical friends to play at my wedding together. It was all so grand. And fun. And magical. I fell in love with their friends and family. I cannot wait to go back and visit these amazing humans. What an honor to document this day in the life of Drew and Roui.

There is a quote from one of my favorite books that reminded me of these two and how they live their life.

“Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living and loving. It’s about going to extremes and expressing the bright hope that life offers us, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. That’s what I want my life to be all about – full of abandon, whimsy, and in love.”

Bob Goff, Love Does.

That they are, in love with life.

enjoy. xoxo Hannah Rose


Flagstaff in the fall is INSANE. It comes on gradually then goes quickly and before you know it, all the leaves are GONE! We are graced with lovely Aspen trees full of whimsy and the color yellow!! I was only home for ten days before I left again on another trip for wedding photography. So in between I had SOO many amazing family sessions. These are some of my very favorite locations in Flagstaff where you see the beauty of autumn. Here are a few to give a little look at what Flagstaff has to offer:

Aspen Corner:  


Lockett Meadow: 


Buffalo Park: 



Hart Prairie :  

Demi + Austin // Santa Barbara, CA

Demi + Austin

Santa Barbra // Sept 2 2017

The warm summer breeze rolls in on the morning of September the second. You would think there should be a cool ocean breeze considering we were in Santa Barbara but oh no it was warm that day. Close to 95 degrees most of the day, Demi and Austin said I do beneath a beautiful large tree at Godric Grove looking over the rolling hills of California. It was a dream of a day. Full of whimsy and wonder. California brings joy to me every time I visit, especially when visiting Santa Barbara. You have mountains AND ocean all in one place. No wonder Demi and Austin decided to get married at the very place they met and fell in love.

They attended Westmont College right there in SB years earlier. He fell in love with her day one of freshmen year. They were inseparable since. He cares for her the way you do your most precious jewel, you never let it out of your sight. Austin is gentle and kind and very intelligent. Demi is as sweet as they come, with tenderness and understanding in her eyes. They are those type of people you ALWAYS want to be like. I cannot imagine what a fight looks like between them, it’s probably the nicest of fights.

Demi got ready at one of her bridesmaids parents houses in town. The whole morning was joyous and calm. Can you even get over her BHLDN dress? Cause I couldn’t ALL day. It was everything I’ve always wanted in a wedding dress. Each detail of their day was thought through and cared for. Not to mention their reception was one of the best I’ve been too. Those California people know how to party all night long!! Between the photobooth, the wonderful mexican food, the perfectly selected songs by the DJ, and the slow sunset over the valley, it was a dream I’m convinced!


Venue: Elings Park // Catering: Omni Catering // Florals: Alexis Ireland Florals // DJ: AMS Entertainment // Cake: Enjoy Cupcakes // Hair and Make Up: Blushing Beauty // Photobooth: The PhotoBus // Videographers: Wedlit Cameras // Event Rentals: Party Pleasers // Wedding Planner: Courtney Wolfshordl // Invitations: Minted // Wedding Dress: BHLDN // Rings: Simone and Sons // Bridesmaids Dresses: Showmeyourmumu

Nicole & Lucas // Sedona,AZ

Nicole + Lucas

Sedona, Arizona

Being best friends for ten years means you basically know everything about one another. All the secrets, all the stories, all the pain, all the memories you share together. Nicole and Lucas have been dating for ten long years. All through high school, college, and a few years after college. They have endured a lot over the years and have sustained a constant, loving, strong relationship. Let’s just say they were really ready to get married!!

Nicole got ready in a beautiful room over looking the Red Rocks of Sedona. Full of whimsy and bliss, Nicole danced around the room with a smile that didn’t leave the entire night. She was FINALLY marring her love, her best friend, her soul mate. She has this boho vibe to her with her lace dress that had little bells on the bottom and  her braided blonde hair. I could feel the tension in the room while Lucas was putting on his tie and shoes. It was tension of excitement and anticipation to see his bride. The two didn’t take their hands off each other all night.

We took a little hike up to the Airport Mesa Vortex for gorgeous 360 views of the red rocks. It was the one moment in the day nothing was rushing us but the wind.

Their ceremony was full of intimate memories, tales of the past, and the beauty that lies ahead of them. They danced under the stars and bistro lights as their closest family and friends watched with utter delight in this union.

Venue: Sky Ranch Lodge // Caterer: Some Burros // Flowers: Hoot and Holler // DJ: Mike Lopez, Master Mixx Dj’s AZ// Cake: Mom + Nothing Bundt Cake // Hair+ Makeup: Swoon Salon Studio, Chanel Molleo // Event Rentals: Verve Events // Wedding Dress: Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Risa + Hironao // Sedona,AZ 

Risa + Hironao 

Sedona, Arizona 

On a warm fall evening while visting the states from Japan, I met Risa and Hironao. They giggle the ENTIRE session in between tickle fights and spinning around in the sun. They met while working in Japan. They fell in love easy and fast.

This is one of my very favorite locations to shoot in Sedona. You get red rocks, overlooks, cactus, juniper trees, and red dirt. All things Sedona right there!! I hope you enjoy their beautiful evening in the sun as much as I did.

Coreen + Nigel // Flagstaff, AZ

August 12th 2017

Coreen + Nigel Grey GOT MARRIED in the beautiful town of Flagstaff, Arizona where they live and work. It was a full local kind of wedding from the flowers, to food, to beer. They are all about keeping things local.

Thunder rolls and rolls and rolls as Coreen gets her hair and make up done early in the morning. But yet not an ounce of anxiety about the potential thunderstorm shows on her face. It’s as if her eyes are locked in and ignores the hustle and bustle all around. Her friends, who traveled across the country from seven different states, are buzzing around her with excitement. And the thunder rolls.

Flagstaff is graciously given beautiful, large, loud thunderstorms every single day of summer due to the monsoons. The ground is happy after a couple months of terrible wildfires that spring up due to the dry, hot, heat of the desert. They are a beautiful site to see, full of power and might, they storm in only to leave after a few short hours. Although, sometimes they stay all day. Coreen and Nigel’s wedding day was one of those days!

In all my years of photographing weddings, never have I seen such a beautiful wedding day caused by the sky and clouds. They gave the perfect light covering to photograph the bridesmaids colorful dresses and flowers made by Whipstone Farms. 

To share the space between Coreen and Nigel is one that is full of deep respect and friendship for one another. All day I could tell their presence brought peace and laughter in this easy way without much effort. During their first look, the thunder roared and the rain came down so hard we had to find shelter for a little while the thick of the storm passed. But that didn’t phase these two, who have hiked miles and miles of the PCT together. A little rain never hurt anyone was jokingly came out of Nigel’s mouth. Inside the shelter of a greenhouse, they enjoyed each others embrace and was present listening to the rain come down over a tin roof. It’s those kinds of moments on a wedding day that I hope couples look back on. Where everything wasn’t going to “plan” but their hearts were at ease knowing this was the day they’ve been dreaming about since they met.

Thankfully, right as Coreen walked down the isle, the rain came to a stop. They shared their vows together, literally passing the mic back and forth sharing vows they wrote together. I might have gotten a little teary eyed realizing the beauty we were all taking part in together. Their ceremony was not the usual ceremony. They had their guest, who had traveled long and far to be there, get up from their seats to meet other people at the wedding. Then twenty minutes into the reception the rain started again, only clearing up for a sunset break, to downpour the rest of the night. For HOURS their friends and family danced and danced all the while the thunder rolled.


Venue: The Arboretum at Flagstaff // Caterer: Criollo Latin Kitchen // Flowers: Whipstone Farm // DJ: Downtowne Brown Productions // Hair/Makeup: Headspace Southside Salon // Videographers: Ronnie Harris Film // Event Rentals: Verve Events and Tents // Wedding Planner: Alexis Holle // Rings: Art Fx Fine Jewerly // Wedding Dress: BHLDN