Coreen + Nigel // Flagstaff, AZ

August 12th 2017

Coreen + Nigel Grey GOT MARRIED in the beautiful town of Flagstaff, Arizona where they live and work. It was a full local kind of wedding from the flowers, to food, to beer. They are all about keeping things local.

Thunder rolls and rolls and rolls as Coreen gets her hair and make up done early in the morning. But yet not an ounce of anxiety about the potential thunderstorm shows on her face. It’s as if her eyes are locked in and ignores the hustle and bustle all around. Her friends, who traveled across the country from seven different states, are buzzing around her with excitement. And the thunder rolls.

Flagstaff is graciously given beautiful, large, loud thunderstorms every single day of summer due to the monsoons. The ground is happy after a couple months of terrible wildfires that spring up due to the dry, hot, heat of the desert. They are a beautiful site to see, full of power and might, they storm in only to leave after a few short hours. Although, sometimes they stay all day. Coreen and Nigel’s wedding day was one of those days!

In all my years of photographing weddings, never have I seen such a beautiful wedding day caused by the sky and clouds. They gave the perfect light covering to photograph the bridesmaids colorful dresses and flowers made by Whipstone Farms. 

To share the space between Coreen and Nigel is one that is full of deep respect and friendship for one another. All day I could tell their presence brought peace and laughter in this easy way without much effort. During their first look, the thunder roared and the rain came down so hard we had to find shelter for a little while the thick of the storm passed. But that didn’t phase these two, who have hiked miles and miles of the PCT together. A little rain never hurt anyone was jokingly came out of Nigel’s mouth. Inside the shelter of a greenhouse, they enjoyed each others embrace and was present listening to the rain come down over a tin roof. It’s those kinds of moments on a wedding day that I hope couples look back on. Where everything wasn’t going to “plan” but their hearts were at ease knowing this was the day they’ve been dreaming about since they met.

Thankfully, right as Coreen walked down the isle, the rain came to a stop. They shared their vows together, literally passing the mic back and forth sharing vows they wrote together. I might have gotten a little teary eyed realizing the beauty we were all taking part in together. Their ceremony was not the usual ceremony. They had their guest, who had traveled long and far to be there, get up from their seats to meet other people at the wedding. Then twenty minutes into the reception the rain started again, only clearing up for a sunset break, to downpour the rest of the night. For HOURS their friends and family danced and danced all the while the thunder rolled.


Venue: The Arboretum at Flagstaff // Caterer: Criollo Latin Kitchen // Flowers: Whipstone Farm // DJ: Downtowne Brown Productions // Hair/Makeup: Headspace Southside Salon // Videographers: Ronnie Harris Film // Event Rentals: Verve Events and Tents // Wedding Planner: Alexis Holle // Rings: Art Fx Fine Jewerly // Wedding Dress: BHLDN

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