Vacation to Castle Hot Springs Resort

Arizona’s Top Resort Destination

Here is your next location for an amazing Arizona staycation or vacation! Castle Hot Springs Resort is located in Northwest part of Phoenix nestled in the Sonoran Desert. Amidst the desert there is magical hot springs which have been a source of comfort and magic since 1896 when they were first found. I cannot RAVE enough about this special place. One of the most magical luxurious resorts I’ve ever been to in the world. The little villas are all private with outdoor bathtub and porch, all food is farmed locally on site, and the natural hot springs are coursing through the whole property. This private Arizona resort is home to a desert oasis with natural hot springs you will be refreshed and healed by. If you are wanting to plan a hide away with your love look no further than Castle Hot Springs Resort. 10/10.

My sweet friends Maddi + Josh help to manage and run the farm which all the food is cooked and served to clients. All farmers live on site and tend to the garden all year round. Castle Hot Springs Resort is only open Sept-June. The summer months in the desert are brutal and way too hot to get into the springs. As you scroll you will see the beauty this place has to offer. Staying here does come with a price tag. But all food and drinks are included.

I promise you, you will not regret going to Castle Hot Springs!!

Arizona natural hot springs

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