Ditch the Big Wedding and Go Elope

Sedona, Arizona Elopement in the red rocks

Big weddings are an amazing experience for family and friends but if you are wanting to a smaller gathering of only immediate family or just you two, go for an elopement!! These are getting more and more popular as the years go on, especially with COVID shutting down big weddings in 2020. I had SO many fun small elopements in Sedona, Grand Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend this year that really made my couples happy by going small rather than a big wedding.

Here are some benefits on having a small intimate elopement instead of a big wedding:

  • Save so much money!!! Weddings are expensive but when you cut the guest list rom 200 to 2-10 it really really helps you save money for a house or a fun honeymoon.
  • Spend more money on a dress you are in love with!!
  • Hike to a hidden remote location that is beautiful and memorable
  • Have the best food because it’s only going to be a few plates rather than 200. Go all out! Get steak and shrimp!
  • Less stress more fun!!!!

Cara + Mark was suppose to have a destination wedding in Mexico but due to covid they decided to just get eloped!! With the dress she was going to be on the beach with for rehearsal dinner they eloped in the red rocks!! It was the perfect little ceremony with just family in a beautiful location. It was exactly what they wanted.