Hawaii Family Mini Sessions

I was able to photograph a few amazing families while being in Hawaii! I can’t stand how cool it was to photograph this stage of life for all of these families. From two year olds to six year olds, I take it an honor to take the challenge of photographing them! It’s really hard to photograph kidos sometimes. They just want to play and run around, so that I let them do and document them in their natural state! These are some of my favorite I’ve ever taken because of the ocean. I can’t help it, I’m an ocean lover.

Mcfall Family in Hawaii

OH my heart explodes when I’m with this family. They have been a constant in my life for over 8 years. I am always blown away by their hospitality when I get to see them from Tacoma to Hawaii. These little ones have grown up in front of my camera for years. I cannot believe how they are turning into these amazing and brilliant humans! And can we talk about Pat and Tarah for a hot second?! COME ON the friendship, laughter, and romance you can even pick up from just the photos of them!? Now imagine them in person?? It’s a hoot to be around.