Fall mini sessions 2018

Aspens, Snow, and Mountain Views

Each year, during my CRAZY wedding season, I some how find time to fit in Fall Mini Sessions with amazing Arizona families. Without fail, they are some of my most favorite sessions because of the laughter, challenge, and people I meet. This year I had over 15+ fall family sessions. Here are some of my favorite sessions.

Sena Family // Flagstaff, AZ

Sena Family // Downtown Flagstaff

For the FOURTH year in a row I have photographed this amazing Flagstaff family and their twin little boys. I am obsessed with how their downtown family session turned out!! Usually we shoot in the aspens/forest but NOT this year!! In Flagstaff we have all these amazing murals, so OF course we had to go find them. Along with parking lot roof tops and sunset vibes! Oh goodness the boys looked so stink cute!

Laux Family // Findlay,OH

The Laux Family

Findlay, Ohio // Late May 2018

You know those people in your life who impacted & formed you for years and years? Those friends you got to choose as family? I have a handful of those people in Ohio who invited me into their families through thick or thin and let me see it all. From fights, to the joys of family life, from sharing in the pain of deaths of close friends, to years of sadness because of infertility. They’re my people and they have my back no matter where I go in the world. .
I wish you could all meet Mark + Kate . They’ll look straight in your eyes when you are talking and make you feel like you are the most important person on this earth. This is little Olive… she is funny, wild, and free. She was prayed & hoped for over years and years and years. She made her grand entrance on this earth at the right moment along with her new baby brother due in August. Mark and Kate have let me watch them fight for their marriage, fight for hope, and fight for goodness this world has to offer. .
Something OHIO has that many other states don’t are local ice cream shops scattered throughout towns. I think it’s because we have millions of Dairy cows just hanging out here. It’s always a special thing to go to Dietches Brother’s when I come home or when someone comes to visit. It’s even more special when you get to share ice cream with your people on a random Wednesday summer evening without a care in the world and the most present as possible.

Holden Family // Ohio

Ohio surprises me every time I come back! This time we had a heat wave at the end of September! For the Holden’s family photos, I didn’t realize I’d be sweating the whole time! Ohio weather cracks me up. Rachel and I grew up down the street from each other. We spent most of our childhoods swimming in Lake Erie and on our dad’s boats. Her family is the sweetest!!

This beautiful family has endured a lot, especially Otto! He fought his way through the challenges of coming out of mama’s cozy womb three months early and is a healthy little one. He has the cutest smile I’ve seen!! I’m pretty obsessed with him.


Cullen Family // Flagstaff, AZ


OH how Flagstaff people love their aspen groves! I’ve come to only want to photograph in the middle of these beautiful trees. I am pretty obsessed with them.

Couple months ago I photographed this beautiful family with their little boy named Cash. He is wild and spunky and all things little boys should be. All he wanted to do was EXPLORE! Anthony + Amie are those sweet, kind, strong people I want to be around all the time.

PS. they are expecting. How cute is the little banner she got!!