Taryn + Ryan // Flagstaff, AZ

Taryn + Ryan

Overlook on 89A // Flagstaff, AZ

AHHH there are not many words to describe the beauty that was created through Taryn and Ryan during our engagement session. Their chemistry is electrifying. From the wind, to the sun, to the cozy coffee snuggles they shared while watching the sunset at the overlook on 89A…it was all too much!!! These two are contagiously joyful to be around. I cannot wait to photograph their beautiful backyard Flagstaff wedding next year in October!

Risa + Hironao // Sedona,AZ 

Risa + Hironao 

Sedona, Arizona 

On a warm fall evening while visting the states from Japan, I met Risa and Hironao. They giggle the ENTIRE session in between tickle fights and spinning around in the sun. They met while working in Japan. They fell in love easy and fast.

This is one of my very favorite locations to shoot in Sedona. You get red rocks, overlooks, cactus, juniper trees, and red dirt. All things Sedona right there!! I hope you enjoy their beautiful evening in the sun as much as I did.

Randi + Mark // Cornville, AZ

Cornville, Arizona // DA RANCH

May 28th RANDI + MARK

With the romantic lyrics of Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”, Mark and Randi danced under the Arizona stars and strung lights all around. Their vineyard ranch wedding was a site to take in. With lush green overhanging trees and a warm summery breeze right around the corner. The friends that came up from Phoenix and around from all over the country filled the ranch with a buzz of excitement and energy!! They said I do underneath the weeping willow tree and drank wine in the vineyard. Mark and Randi met in New York where they became the best of friends. Their love is sweet and kind. Randi is sassy and one of those friends you want always by your side. She is fun and full of life. Mark is kind, intelligent, and loves deep. This is one of my VERY favorite Arizona venues!!

Laura + Landon // Sedona,AZ

Laura + Landon

The space between two people in love holds this beautiful energy and mystery. Friendship mixed with romance, mixed with expectations, doubts, hopes, fears, joy, sorrow, and beauty. There is a hebrew word called Zimzum that is explained as the space God created between two people, in marriage it’s the dynamic energy field between two partners, in which each person contracts to allow the other to flourish. (Rob Bell, The ZimZum of Love) It’s what holds us all together, what gives us space to mess up and give grace.

When I photograph people, especially Landon and Laura the other day, I see this zimzum starting to form. How they talk to each other, how they hold each other, there is this beautiful tension of trust and space between them. It’s quite interesting to watch as I photograph hundreds of couples over the years. It’s like I can feel the struggle of love they have been through together already and how it’s only strengthen who they are and who they will be together.

Laura and Landon’s story goes back 30 years ago when their dads were golf buddies! Whenever I hear these stories I get amazed at how the world can be so connected through a web of conversations, friendships, and random interactions. Laura is sweet, and beautiful, and kind hearted. Landon is funny, and personable, and is a good communicator. They make this good team that you read of in books. Landon proposed to Laura in Sedona on a hike overlooking Red Rocks. So of course we had to shoot by those beautiful rocks!!

I wish you could see these two interact because there is a sweetness between these two that is something special. We climbed up to see the sunset and enjoy a sip of champagne. 

Jessica + Tanner // Sedona,AZ

Tanner + Jessica

HELLO beautiful people and beautiful sunset this session was!!! Do you see those red rocks?! They were showing off that night we explored the creek and enjoyed the sunset. Jessica grew up in Arizona, born and raised but decided to go south for college. Tanner is homegrown southern man from South Carolina! While visiting family out here Jessica really wanted some photos of them two in Sedona for their house. Little did she know Tanner had a surprise at the end. Jessica is this cute, petite, gorgeous woman that has kindness in her eyes. Tanner is like your older brother who wants to watch out for you and would help anyone when they need it. Their love is sweet and what they have between them is this kind of friendship we all dream of.


Now even though Jessica had no idea the proposal was going to happen, she planned a sunset couples session. Tanner didn’t even tell me it was going to happen! We all laughed a lot while we got to know each other and took a walk down to the creek. We were racing back up to the top to grab the last bit of light before then sun went down when Tanner gets down on one knee! He got nervous when I said “oh no! Gotta hurry because we are loosing light fast”. She was SO SHOCKED, said YES, and did a little happy dance. It’s one of those moments you won’t forget. No matter how many proposals I see, they never get old, they are all beautiful and intimate, and I feel honored I get to be there at that moment.

It’s a beautiful thing that which we call life. 


Melissa + Shea // Sedona,AZ

Melissa + Shea

Sedona, Arizona…where the sun is warm and the desert runs wild. These two were a hoot to hang out with for our shoot. We laughed the entire time!! They even brought some music along for us to dance to. My favorite part of my job is to meet these kind of people. The wildly fun random people I would have not otherwise have met. They are getting married in Mexico for a destination wedding and HELLO it will be beautiful. These two fit like a glove. He is goofy and she is creative. They both are extroverted and outgoing. Let’s do it again guys, cause we had a ball.