Bella + Johnny // Arizona Engagement

Sedona in the spring is magical! It’s coming back to life with colorful green trees and cactus blooming every once in a while. Bella + Johnny met in Flagstaff but are in love with the Sedona red rock setting. It was a must for their engagement session!

They met years ago while both working at a local salad/sandwich shop. They hit it off. He says she is truly his best friend. They do everything together! She is the sweetest human with a hint of spunk and drive. He is gentle and constant- not moving while things get hard. Together they make a beautiful match that will stand the test of times.

Holly + Sean // Grand Canyon,AZ

Holly + Sean

Grand Canyon National Park

Holly and Sean met in Flagstaff over four years ago at a bar downtown where all the locals hang out. There was mutual attraction of course but Holly sorta forgot about him till she saw him again at the same bar few months later. Not realizing she had met him before they started chatting. Now on the other hand, Sean knew exactly who Holly was on the second meeting. He couldn’t stop thinking about that cute girl at Hop’s he had met. They chatted but didn’t exchange numbers until….

They ran into each other again on a training trip for their jobs. They are both River Guides in the Colorado River. It was pretty instant from that moment on. They spend 6 months out of their year in the Canyon, guiding people through the river. It’s a humbling experience they tell me every time they return home from a trip. Two weeks on a week off or so throughout the whole summer. Let’s just say…. they’re kinda badass’s. They ski, hike, climb, hunt, remodeled a house, went to Thailand, and Belize to scuba dive recently in their off season.

We really enjoyed our raining windy night at the canyon together last week. Wow are they goofy together, which lends to a great photo session. Full of laughter.