Payal + Kathan // Sedona, Az

Pre wedding photographs for this couple getting married in DC. Their family and friends have never been out to Sedona. So they thought why not bring a part of Arizona to their wedding day. These photographs are to be shown on a big screen during cocktail hour for their guests to take in the beauty of Sedona. Payal + Kathan are contagiously positive, fun, and have this deep friendship. We had so much fun dancing around the red rocks!

Juniper, Florida Cute Couple

Claudette and Brian are from Cuba. Their families moved to Miami when they were children and have strong roots to Cuba still. Because of this their families cannot come over to celebrate for a big wedding. Instead they are just going to the court house and having a small dinner party with their immediate families. I was traveling out to Miami for a wedding and they found my through the bride! She booked immediately with this vision in mind.  To have an engagement/wedding picture mix! 

We drove all together from Miami to Jupiter Florida. The sun was setting and the wind was strong. But Claudette and Brian were able to wrap up in each others arms in this beautiful location unlike anything else I’ve ever seen in Florida! The Blowing Rocks Preserve stretches on for a few miles with rough jagged rocks on the cost line of southern Florida. We had the most perfect sunset and they ended up dancing in the water by the end of the shoot. Afterwards we went to a local beach club for music and tacos!! 

Arizona’s Best Engagement Session locations

The reason why I love Arizona is because the immense diversity all in one state.  You have mountains, desert, cactus, lakes, canyons, red rocks, and trees. It’s truly an amazing state, one that often gets only recognition for being a desert. Below is a list of my FAVORITE Arizona locations for outdoor engagement sessions. My clients usually want something extreme and different than their normal. I try my best to find the most unique locations to have a beautiful experience to remember.


Maybe it’s because it’s the place I feel most at peace in Arizona or it’s gorgeous landscape but Sedona is my FAVORITE place to photograph couples in Arizona. With the epic red rock background and creekside sounds Sedona has something for everyone. I have my top spots to go such as Tlaquepaque, Cathedral Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, and Red Rock Crossing to get a variety of Sedona. You will see below why it’s my favorite.

2. Page

Can you say OMG epic? Between Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell Page has endless options for photoshoots here in the desert. The orange rust color does amazing things to the skin. Just remember to get a permit (if needed for location), bring water, and get tacos after the shoot in Page at any of their amazing Mexican restaurants. Also, don’t wear the color orange/red because you want to stand out among the rocks not blend in.

3. Grand Canyon

Ridiculously amazing is a good phrase to use for a Grand Canyon engagement session! It’s overwhelming and romantic. Park entrance fee is $30 so be prepared for that! With the Arizona harsh light be aware it is VERY hard to shoot until the sunsets or right after. The canyon is beautiful but hard to shoot sometimes. Find spots where the photographer can be up higher to get a more full look of the canyon.

4. Flagstaff

My hometown! This place is special because I know all the hidden gems to get the best angles of the mountain. If you want a view of the mountain you’ll have to stay in town or go out on a forest service road. If you want to be in the mountain and aspen go up to either Snowbowl or Lockett Meadow! In August there are sunflowers EVERYWHERE. If you want snow come up during the winter and if you want the colors of leaves changing come up during late September-October. It’s a glorious place to get your photos done always with good sunsets!

5. Phoenix

There are MANY spots you can go in Phoenix to get a desert cactus look! Botanic gardens is a great spot along with South Mountain. Remember the desert is best to photograph in the morning or evening due to harsh light. Light colors look good in the desert along with black. You really can’t go wrong. It’s unique and different! 

6. Fossil Creek

YES Arizona has waterfalls!! you just have to go searching for them. This location is a bit of a hike but SO worth it. You will need a permit to go because they only let a few people in each day. Remember to do it online through the forest service a week or more in advance! Those blue waters are perfect to take a dip in and then photograph with a lover. 

Summer Ohio Love

Bart + Taylor

Findlay, Ohio // May 2018

Bart loves her smile, her personality, her humor. He was drawn into her presence because it was easy and care free years ago at college. He is a football coach, she is a marketing specialist. She is funny and kind and easy going. He is smart and genuine and a mans man.  Which is why Taylor surprised him with a football and beer on their engagement session!!

I went to High School with Taylor years ago. She has the same beautifulllll long hair and dazzling white smile. She knew her guy too well she couldn’t bring wine to the session…beer was the only way. They danced and laughed A LOT and watched the ohio sunset on the dock. Their wedding is next July in Ohio!!

Audrey + Kevin // Horseshoe Bend, AZ

Kevin + Audrey 

My oh MY did we have a fun time up in Page for this shoot.  I’ve been waiting to meet these two in person for a while and it was well worth the wait to make new friends! After months of engagements over email and facetime we got to meet on a hot mid may evening in Page,Arizona. MANY people think Horseshoe bend is in Utah….but come on people it’s in Norther Arizona!!! Arizona is diverse in ways I never knew existed . From the deserts of Phoenix to , the red rocks of Sedona , to the snowy mountains of Flagstaff, you can reach three different climate zones in the matter of an hour. You could explore all that Page has to offer not in one day but multiple. We just hit the surface of Horseshoe Bend- which is a part of the Grand Canyon and below you can gaze at the slow moving boats grazing along the Colorado River.

Can we talk about that blue skirt though?!! My inner child leaped with joy when she stepped out of the car with that skirt on. I want one.

Kevin and Audrey hugged each other tightly while the sun went to sleep under the painted desert sky. It was windy, as it always is when you are out in the desert, with nothing but cactus to catch the breeze. These two met at in Phoenix between mutual friends over drinks and dinner. They sat in the corner at a bar talking, as if time as stopped and everything was in slow motion. Their love grew and grew to where it is today. The way Kevin looked at Audrey swept me off my own feet!!! Their love is one of those movie kinds of love; sweet, intimate, and romantic. I’m pretty obsessed with these two. Their wedding is not till March of 2018 but after our Mexican dinner late in the evening, I plan on seeing these two many times before than.