Desert cactus engagement session

Phoenix, Arizona cactus + mountains engagement session

Emina and Trevor’s engagement session in the Arizona desert with cactus and sunshine was one of my favorites!!! Emina grew up in Iowa so the desert landscape is very unquie to her, just like to me coming from Ohio!! Trevor grew up in the area and isn’t new to cactus but he still enjoys the landscape!! They wanted the classic Arizona desert look so I took them to the White Tank Mountains in West Phoenix for this beautiful look!

They met on a plane of all places!! Fell in love over the phone after Trevor asked for her number. Through the years they did long distance and close. They are so in love. It was a joy to photograph them in the Phoenix desert. I also got to be their wedding photographer…but look for those photos soon since I’m not finished editing them! I love being an Arizona wedding photographer, it’s my joy to photograph engagement sessions and weddings in such beautiful locations.

Laura + Landon // Sedona,AZ

Laura + Landon

The space between two people in love holds this beautiful energy and mystery. Friendship mixed with romance, mixed with expectations, doubts, hopes, fears, joy, sorrow, and beauty. There is a hebrew word called Zimzum that is explained as the space God created between two people, in marriage it’s the dynamic energy field between two partners, in which each person contracts to allow the other to flourish. (Rob Bell, The ZimZum of Love) It’s what holds us all together, what gives us space to mess up and give grace.

When I photograph people, especially Landon and Laura the other day, I see this zimzum starting to form. How they talk to each other, how they hold each other, there is this beautiful tension of trust and space between them. It’s quite interesting to watch as I photograph hundreds of couples over the years. It’s like I can feel the struggle of love they have been through together already and how it’s only strengthen who they are and who they will be together.

Laura and Landon’s story goes back 30 years ago when their dads were golf buddies! Whenever I hear these stories I get amazed at how the world can be so connected through a web of conversations, friendships, and random interactions. Laura is sweet, and beautiful, and kind hearted. Landon is funny, and personable, and is a good communicator. They make this good team that you read of in books. Landon proposed to Laura in Sedona on a hike overlooking Red Rocks. So of course we had to shoot by those beautiful rocks!!

I wish you could see these two interact because there is a sweetness between these two that is something special. We climbed up to see the sunset and enjoy a sip of champagne. 

Audrey + Kevin // Horseshoe Bend, AZ

Kevin + Audrey 

My oh MY did we have a fun time up in Page for this shoot.  I’ve been waiting to meet these two in person for a while and it was well worth the wait to make new friends! After months of engagements over email and facetime we got to meet on a hot mid may evening in Page,Arizona. MANY people think Horseshoe bend is in Utah….but come on people it’s in Norther Arizona!!! Arizona is diverse in ways I never knew existed . From the deserts of Phoenix to , the red rocks of Sedona , to the snowy mountains of Flagstaff, you can reach three different climate zones in the matter of an hour. You could explore all that Page has to offer not in one day but multiple. We just hit the surface of Horseshoe Bend- which is a part of the Grand Canyon and below you can gaze at the slow moving boats grazing along the Colorado River.

Can we talk about that blue skirt though?!! My inner child leaped with joy when she stepped out of the car with that skirt on. I want one.

Kevin and Audrey hugged each other tightly while the sun went to sleep under the painted desert sky. It was windy, as it always is when you are out in the desert, with nothing but cactus to catch the breeze. These two met at in Phoenix between mutual friends over drinks and dinner. They sat in the corner at a bar talking, as if time as stopped and everything was in slow motion. Their love grew and grew to where it is today. The way Kevin looked at Audrey swept me off my own feet!!! Their love is one of those movie kinds of love; sweet, intimate, and romantic. I’m pretty obsessed with these two. Their wedding is not till March of 2018 but after our Mexican dinner late in the evening, I plan on seeing these two many times before than.