Dani + Todd // Pregnant

Baby Announcement Photos in the mountains of Flagstaff

Just the cutest little family!! Dani and Todd grew up next to each other in Flagstaff, AZ. It wasn’t until High School when they fell in love and became official. Their friendship is deep and spans years. It was this year they decided to start a little family with first their goldendoodle and now a baby on the way.

Charlotte + Ben // Arizona

“As we grow old may it be told that we never lost our flame. If love is a fire then our desire it to burn a whole tank. “ -Josh Garrels

THE tension between Ben and Charlotte, all the time, but especially on their wedding day can be described using these words: spicy, sexy, and steamy. 

So if that helps you at all understand their first dance, or the kiss during the ceremony, or the portrait session. They are so incredibly in love with each other which is apparent not only through the physical but also their deeply connected hearts and minds. 

Arizona offers a variety of venues and theirs was ON POINT! Filled with willow trees, windmill, and Italian looking stucco, I didn’t have a hard time finding places to photograph! This is my fourth wedding with this great group of friends in Flagstaff. The groomsmen were so use to my directions. BTW- they all love being in front of the camera, it’s hysterical. The girls, I mean just look at them, SO freaking beautiful. I couldn’t take a bad photo even if I tried at their wedding. 

I really love it when couples don’t do a first look. The tension in the room is full of wonder, excitement, and celebration. When we invite our community into that place I think we are offering a human experience that is rare and honest. To see the grooms reaction as he sees his bride walk down the isle, to watch the father of the bride give his daughter away, and to see the space between two people be almost visible, doesn’t happen anywhere else. I think it’s an honor to be invited into that shared experience. That it was for Ben and Charlotte. I might have teared up a little bit when photographing. It’s always when the guy starts crying during his vows is when I tear up. I watch the parents face through my camera lens, which mind you no one other then the bridal party can see, and I loose it. Both sets of parents have prayed and thought about this moment in their child’s life. It’s as if you can feel the father’s happiness yet sadness of the reality that his little girl is no longer little. And the mother of the groom’s face holds all the years of doubt and unknowns for her sons future. It all gets tied up during the ceremony, with a wash of relief as the couple kisses and walks into the next stage of their life together. 

Corinne + Ryan // Sedona, AZ


Corinne + Ryan visit Arizona quickly but stop for a session

I asked how they met… it was in Hawaii, on the Big Island of course, at a local cafe called Day Light Mines. There was a band playing but the music stopped when Ryan saw Corinne. It was her smile he told me that drew him in. Ryan is not the typical guy… he is extreme and adventurous in ways that scares people and he is so kind. He goes for what he wants. And he wanted Corinne. She walked past him and instantly he asked her her name. From what I recalled of the story it was INSTANT attraction. I see it like a scene in a movie. Hawaii breeze coming in through the open doors, ocean waves below crashing, and a jazz band playing in the background. Can you see it? Soft lighting and happy faces.

With in and instant their lives shifted. No longer was it just Ryan’s adventure or Corinne’s adventure moving out from South Carolina to teach kids on island.. it slowly but surely because their adventure. They are travelers, hikers, ocean lovers, risk takers, and dream makers. They are SO HAPPY and it’s contagious. They started an organization together called Paradise 2 Purpose whose goal is to help individuals/ organizations travel but with more of a mindful, conscious, environmentally sustainable way. They believe in helping people in every culture they travel too through outreach and sustainable ways. They are rockstars who are also getting married next month!!!

I met Ryan a few years ago on my first trip out to the Big Island with some friends. Through the art of social media we stayed connected and I watched his life change when he met Corinne and have traveled a long on their journey through instagram with creating Paradise 2 Purpose. They are some of the coolest people I’ve met and wish you all could meet them as well. check out their website: https://www.paradise2purpose.com/