Morgan + Austin // Denver,CO

Wintery Denver Mountain Day Engagement Session

On New Years day, after we all took naps from celebrating the night before, Austin, Morgan + I met up at this cute coffee shop in Denver. They told me their sweet love story of meeting in Flagstaff in the sandwich line of Sprouts. Austin couldn’t help himself but start conversation with her! Unexpectedly the next day they saw each other again and he knew he had to ask her out. Years later after moving to San Fransisco then to Denver, they became the best of friends and fell in love deeply.

We braved the winter wind and went to Out Look Mountain just 30 minutes from Denver. Denver is amazing because you can get into the mountains so quickly but also be in the city. They have fallen in love with the city and will be staying here. Although, their wedding will be in Flagstaff, where their love first sparked. Austin is very funny, creative, and gentle. Morgan is the sweetest human I’ve met I swear. She is so kind and feel like she is truly listening to you when you talk. This love is made of friendship and respect.