Sedona Engagement Session

Back lit sun flare shot how to

One of my VERY favorite engagement sessions in the Sedona Red Rocks. Kirk + Sarah flew in from North Carolina and it was one of the most perfect Sedona days. Sunshiney, not busy at all, and a little breezy!! I’m obsessed with chasing the sunshine.

Shooting into the sun can be hard but SO WORTH IT. Here are some tips on shooting into the sun to get sun flares.

  • Wait until the sun is low- about 20 mins before it sets. That’s when you can get the really golden color
  • My 35 or 50mm seem to be some of my only lenses that create that really pretty sun flare. The fixed lens tend to be better for this
  • I use my couple to block the sun but play with it in the ladies hair or between them. Movement is really fun here so you can the sunshine look but also not just portrait look
  • You need something to block the sun or defuse it behind trees so the light isn’t so blinding
  • I am usually really open at f/1.4-f/2.5 and my shutter tends to be exposed right in the middle. A little bit more over exposed so they are bright and not in the shadows
  • Then play around!! Your eyes might hurt because you are looking into the sunshine but it’s so worth it!

Engagement in the Sand Dunes

Arizona Wedding Photographer goes to Glamis, California

HELLO beautiful sunshine and sand dunes!!!! I’m obsessed with how these photos turned out. Firstly, because they are of my bestie Hailey. She is also a wedding photographer in Arizona and we were roommates for 3 years!! Secondly, because I’ve been dreaming about shooting here for a long time but it hadn’t happened yet, stokedddd to shoot here!! Hailey asked me to shoot her engagement session because she had booked her dream photographer from California for their elopement. It was the best gift I could have given her and one I’m so happy we both have these memories to look back on.

Glamis or Imperial Sand Dunes located in South East California, very close to the Mexican boarder. It is a place of beauty and lots of vehicles so you have to be careful when shooting!! Always look over your back just incase a buggy or jeep is coming over a hill but doesn’t see you. I cannot rave enough about the sunlight and sand dunes feel here. IT was magical to say the least. It felt like we were in the middle of Egypt trucking through the desert.

Hailey and Mike met years ago at the Edge of the World while she was photographing for this festival. Little did they know 3 years later they would run into each other again online and become each others person. I remember the day she came home from that first date with Mike. She was GLOWING. She said they just hiked in the woods and talked and it was easy. It was everything you could want in a relationship. As do all couples have ups and downs but Hailey and Mike have sustained the up’s and downs. They live in a 5th wheel that they completely redid and looks amazing (you can see it on instagram).

All in all, it’s a beautiful place to get married or have engagement photos done. Also, camping and having fun in the sand dunes is a second best 🙂

Wedding Photography Workflow Tricks

I am one of those deeply relational creatives that struggles with the workflow side of business. My brain loves sunshine, creativity, and new people. But admin, logistics, and scheduling is hard. In wedding photography there is a WHOLE list of workflows. It feels like it’s never ending but I have a few tricks + resources that really help me.

My Wedding Workflow:

  • Client Inquires
  • Send initial email with pricing guide through Dubsado
  • Facetime or Zoom to answer questions
  • Send contract + invoice through Dubsado
  • Send “You’re In” email with all info on timeline prep + engagement session date
  • Set up call to confirm timeline
  • Send welcome gift through mail
  • Shoot engagement session
  • Send engagement photos over
  • Send 6, 3, 2, 1, month email check ins with info
  • Final invoice notice using Dubsado
  • Send automated email saying how much I loved their wedding + when to expect photos through Dubsado
  • Send preview photos within first week after wedding over in online gallery + text
  • Cull twice using Photo Mechanic
  • Start editing + send over to editor
  • Finish editing + export in Lightroom
  • Make blog in Narrative
  • Design album for client using Kiss Wedding Books
  • Send their online gallery, blog, and album links over email
  • Post to instagram their wedding day
  • Schedule in tailwind their best moments from their wedding
  • Set up automation for 1 year anniversary emails and print sales on Pass


This is my favorite client management system!!! I tried others but I have stuck with them for years now. You can do all things from scheduling, sending invoices, tracking leads, digital contracts, collecting payments, book keeping, email templates, email automations and more. I’m highly impressed by this company because it has allowed me to cut down time in so many areas where I was overwhelmed. I highly recommend getting a client management system to keep track of all things business when it comes to wedding photography. You want to be professional and communicate well on all levels of the wedding day process.

If you are interested in signing up here is the link:

2.Photo Mechanic

HUGE life saver on time and money. RAW files are huge. But with photo mechanic you can load raw files in the matter of minutes. So what once took me HOURS in bridge or lightroom takes me maybe minutes. I can cull through a whole wedding day in 1 hour compared to 3. You can star or highlight certain photos to put them into different categories as well. I have my saved as: Red is for albums, Blue is for blog, Pink is for client gallery.


I outsource a few things to help with workflow but also peace of mind. The way my brain works I need help on all things business or admin. So I hire people who are really good at what they do so I can stick to what I’m really good at. Here are a few things I have hired people for over the years: brand management, social media, Pinterest marketing, email marketing, website design, website SEO, TAXES, editing. No one person can do all things, think about outsourcing so it can get you back to photographing more.


Blogging made easy!! This simple tool helps cut down on time when it comes to blogging a wedding day. We all know blogging is not only for the client but also for your SEO and building your portfolio. I highly suggest blogging every wedding you shoot on your site. Narrative lets you build beautiful and simple blogs that work directly with word press or other websites. It also lets you type in keywords for SEO. I send it and goes directly to my word press posts!

5. Tailwind

Tailwind SAVES so much time in my workflow by offering efficient pinning to Pinterest and scheduling to Instagram. This is one of the major areas in my business I hate doing. Just straight up hate doing it but yet with this app you can schedule pins to be working for you all month long. Take 30 mins out of your week to schedule pins and let it work for you!! Pinterest helps more people see your images and get to your website. In turn helping your SEO and you get more paid clients!!