Adriann + Tyler // Horseshoe Bend

March 13, 2017

 Adriann + Tyler

It takes a certain kind of couple to elope. There is this carefreeness about Adriann and Tyler. They seem to never in a rush. There is this slowness to their movements and laughter. Not in a boring kind of way at all but, more in a way that they allow the time between them to pause and to enjoy it. Their sweetness towards each other is rare. And most of all, their friendship goes deep.

Adriann messaged me about their elopement months before I planned my trip to Hawaii. She wanted to get married in the middle of February but due to Hawaii I said I would have to push it back. From her response I knew we were the same type of person and this elopement was going to be one of my favorites. She said something like, “oh it’s okay we can push it back till March even. Whatever works for you”. Can you get a feeling over her type B, easy going, carefree spirit yet? If not you will.

I was literally the only person at their wedding ( and my wonderful assistant Emily Carlson). I feel not only honored but trusted when I am the single sole in attendance. It was as if I got to document the truest nature of their love, without the hype, without the guests, without all the planning and stress. I got to amplify who they are individually and together through this intimate gathering of us four.

We walked a mile or so through the sandy canyons, laughing and trying to find just the right spot. Slot Canyon looks a lot like Antelope but due to the influx of people the last couple years we thought we would have more privacy and intimacy at Slot Canyon. It’s one of a kind, this canyon with it’s orange sand, red tone curvy long walls and, intimate tightness. She walked down through carrying her basket of goodies in one hand and her long flowy dress in the other. He has another bag with beer and a blanket just in case.

I love when people value art and details. Every part of their day was picked specifically with intention. From her recycled wedding dress, to boutique style gold & denim lapis earnings, to her vegan leather wrap sandals and, her handmade herb bouquet. He understood the value of light and why we needed to be places at a certain time. To the little picnic they brought to share vows on with pillows, blankets, and candles, I could have thought we were on a hippie magazine shoot for free people. Each detail was crafted for a purpose.

We photographed all day at slot canyon, took a break to eat chips and guac, and raced to horseshoe bend to catch the sun saying goodbye to the earth that evening.

What Tyler loves most about Adriann is: how kind she is.

What Adriann loves most about Tyler is: his intelligence.

We run up the sandy hill and down to the canyons edge in hopes of grabbing the last bit of sunlight. They dance, kiss, and gaze at the beauty of this earth we live on and this canyon we all live so close by. All the people walk back to their cars, the stars start to make their way out behind the dark blue veil, and the two share their vows together written on goofy cards they picked a few days before. They had threw out a blanket and what looked like handmade pillows. I walk away thanking the stars and God for inspiring love like theirs. Hoping to have something just as kind, sweet, and deep of friendship.

Dress – Reformation  //

Earrings – 2 bandits – gold & denim lapis //

Wedding Band – etsy  // – 14k yellow gold / turquoise

Engagement Ring – Natalie Marie Jewelry  //

Hat Free People

Sandalsfree people

His SuitBanana Republic

  1. Rosa says:

    These are the best pictures I’ve ever seen Hannah!! They’re seriously breathtaking!! Amazing job!!

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