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August 11, 2022


I think it’s REALLY important to do research on what type of photography you are drawn to before you put down thousands of dollars and have to look at them for decades. But this can be hard for people like me where I have multiple different design styles and I like a lot of different things in the art world. So here are a few tips on how to define and choose your style:

1.Defining your style

Look at the colors of your wardrobe (this usually tells a lot about someone) 

  • Do you tend to have more dark colors like blacks, browns, and deep navy or purple?
  • Do you have bright colors like whites, blues, and pinks?
  • What style of clothing is your wardrobe? 
  • Where do you shop?
  • Once you identify this move on to the second. 

Looking at what you already own is really important to identify what you are drawn to in color and style. 

2.Get on Pinterest

I want you to type in wedding photography.

  • Start to pin everything you naturally like. Everything. 
  • Then from there I want you to look at your board and notice trends. 
  • What color is the over all feel or tone of most the photos you like? (natural tones, orange hue, dark, bright, sunny, green hues, pink hues, 
  • What are the people doing, are they looking at the camera, are they laughing, are they super sensual, are they moving, are they kissing, are there wedding moments with guests?
  • I want you to take notes, legit take out a note pad and write down everything that you LIKE!

Naturally trust your gut instinct on this one. It’s not like making a decision about who you will marry. Just trust your first initial gut reaction when you see an image pop up.

3.Searching for a wedding photographer

When you go to search for wedding photographers I suggest sticking close to this list above from pinterest. Let it guide you while you try to find a photographer. 

Here are a few places to search for a photographer:

  • Instagram!! – type in Sedona wedding photographer or wherever you are getting married
  • The Knot
  • Wedding Wire
  • Pinterest
  • Ask your planner 
  • Ask a friend who they suggest- this usually is the BEST way to find a photographer because it’s also about the experience they are giving you not just the photos they take. Remember this.

Have a priority list for photography:

  • Bride + Groom portraits are my top priority that’s what I want and all I care about
  • Moments during a wedding day matter to me with my parents and guests 
  • Fun bridal party photos
  • Candid reception shots 
  • Details!!!! I want all the details

You can want all of these in a wedding photographer BUT some focus more on something rather

How do I find a wedding photographer and choose?

  • Strong reviews!! This is everything. If you have never met them in person or seen them on a wedding day experience this is highly essential to go through all their reviews. Take not if they have no reviews.
  • Personality– IS EVERYTHING. Wedding days are stressful and you are with them alllll day. So pick someone you feel comfortable with and know will take charge.
  • Quality over quantity here matters. Don’t get caught up in HOW many images they will give you rather look at blogs and their portfolio to determine the quality of image they return
  • Experience– this matters. We all have to start somewhere and everyone has a budget so chose based on your budget BUT here is a good indicator of their experience:
  • 1-4 Weddings- inexperience, new photographer
  • 5-12 Weddings- Amateur (great assistant or second shooter)
  • 10-20 Weddings- Knowledgeable + been shooting for at least 1-2 years
  • 21-35 Weddings- Experienced can lead a wedding confidently
  • 36+ Weddings- Professional been shooting for a while and can lead well

If you want sunshine, movement, and joyful romantic photos- I’m your girl. I edit true to color, because I want you to remember what it felt like on that day. The grass was green, so I’m not going to desaturate all the grass! Your skin tone matters and the space you get married in does too.

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