Doug + Megan // Knoxvile,TN

Doug + Megan

Knoxville, Tennesse is where Crescent Bend  manor resides with it’s five tier fountain gardens. Tulips run wild and free along the paths and beds. Doug and Megan shared their love in front of 120 of their closest friends and family in the cool breeze of a Saturday afternoon. I photographed their engagement session back in December in Sedona when they came for a little vacation. Doug and Megan met in chiropractic school in Chicago. They are goofy together, madly in love with each other, and crazy about their families. And oh boy was it a beautiful family wedding! The weekend was filled with a lot of food, catching up, and celebrating.

With five junior bridesmaids and two flower girls getting ready was a ball. They were dancing around with such delight of being in their big cousins wedding! Doug’s groomsmen were mostly friends growing up and his brother. They were some of the goofiest bunch I’ve been around to say the least! Megan’s , younger brother, Justin officiated the wedding with both sets of parents on either side gazing with tears in their eyes of joy. This wedding was classy and elegant. The reception was on the top tier below the manor set with Easter theme garden party. It being Easter weekend family traveled to celebrate not only their wedding but also a holiday together. The speeches were heartfelt and funny, the dancing was a hoot, and the sparkler send off was the best way to end a party like this one!

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