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November 16, 2020

Prints, Canvases, Calendars, Albums, and more!

If you know me you know how much I value photography but also the PRINTING of photography!!! I preach this from the roof tops on social media, emails, and my website. Going back to the 1800’s where my Great Grandfather started a printing company, printing has been imbedded in my family history. I also want the printing of your images to be imbedded in your family legacy.

I’M HERE TO HELP!! The whole process can be stressful for many. What to print, where to print, what photo to exactly print. AHHH….but here is a guide to printing this holiday season and for others.

1.Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book

I love these books for gifts for family or friends you have traveled with on vacations or memories shared together. It’s perfect for a 1 year anniversary, first year of baby’s life, or a fun trip to Hawaii.

Shop I $From 59

2. Modern Wall Calendar

I’ve made these for my dad and grandparents for Christmas each year!! They are great gifts for someone who really loves their calendar but also wants to see photos of grandkids each month!! You can also recycle each page after the month ends.

Shop I $39

3. Canvas Wrap

I have so many canvases in my house. Cause I love them SO MUCH. They make a statement, especially if you do big ones like 24×36! Smallwoods has great canvas wraps. Along with WHCC which is connected to your online gallery if you have a gallery site through me.

Shop I $39

4. Signature Layflat Photo Album

These albums are amazing! Big photobooks for weddings or milestones in ones life. They are great gifts for a husband of your wedding day or to parents. Most of my clients get their parents photo albums for the holidays because they LOVE to look through photos. These are not cheap but they are so worth it with layflat pages and thick covers. Think family heirloom quality you will pass down to future generations.

Shop I $289

5. Everyday Photo Book

I get these books every year for my brother and his baby girl. They are the perfect 7×7 size to celebrate little day to day moments. With thick pages and foil stamping they make great gifts. You can customize them perfectly here.

Shop I $59

6.Gallery Frames + Prints

If you want to make certain photos really stand out please do a gallery frame with HIGH quality prints. DO NOT print your photos from shutterfly or walgreens- their printers are not compatible with professional grade cameras. Even with iphones they mess up the color space. These are great options for your home of a gallery wall with many prints or just one big print as a gift.

Shop I $From 69

7.Wood Frames

I just ordered a few of these as gifts and I’m in LOVE with their prints from Smallwood. They are lightweight- so you don’t have to worry about nailing a big anchor into the wall but also could hang multiple for a great look. They REALLY make a statement in any house whether you do black and white or colored. 2 to 3 next to each other look great. Also, they come with many different options in size and wood color. Highly suggest!

Shop I From$29

8.Wood Calendar

I’ve made these for many family members as great table calendar gifts with big photos and numbers! They give options on font and colors and wood!!

Shop I $25

9.Floating Frames

These make good statement pieces on any wall with a modern twist. Made with archival paper and glass it creates a high class look to showcase your favorite images .

Shop I $from 79

10.Holiday Cards

I love sending out holiday cards every year updating my friends and family on my life through images. I always make sure I find the best sustainable postcard options. Paper culture is a company surrounded around sustainability and recycling with fun designs and maybe options!!


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