4 Reasons why to book a photography team

February 16, 2023

Book the HRG Team for weddings, couples, and families

The HRG team specializes in weddings and elopements but also we have photographers on the team who focus on maternity, couples, and families. We want to be your historian to document your families legacy through the years with beautiful imagery you won’t think is trendy years down the road but still in love with the richness of color and authenticity of emotions. We love to deliver the same colorful, bright, crisp imagery Hannah has offered the last 10 years during her career but also each photographer delivering their unique style and flare to each wedding or session. 

Here are the top reasons why to book Hannah and the HRG Team over another photographer:

1. Photography Training

Here at the HRG we pride ourselves on crafting a beautiful experience from beginning to end. We are about people, creating space for emotions, and documenting what it felt like to be the moment rather than super cheesy, posey, traditional photography style. 

Each photographer on the HRG Team has attended multiple weddings with Hannah over the course of a year to train under her style along with attending shoots all over from Sedona, to Flagstaff, to the Grand Canyon to ensure they are being trained in the art of experience not just photography. They all meet together once a month to discuss and learn about the “Wedding School” course Hannah has created. Month by month going through parts of the wedding day that you cannot learn online but only from experience of 10 years shooting over 400 weddings. These days are really when the team connects, learns, and grows together to be a team who delivers quality images for our couples and families. 

The wedding photographers on the team have been giving a wedding day workshop with local vendors to emulate the experience of a full wedding day without all the guests. They broke down each part of the day and how Hannah would approach the day. Looking at lighting, talking about creating space for emotions, and how to photograph a wedding day in the HRG Style. What is the HRG Style? It is full of color!! We do not shy away from colors and edit true to color. We believe the greens should stay the green color they are to your eye. The HRG Style is about whimsy, lifestyle looking images, that have a pop and flare to them. They make you feel like something, not just a pretty picture to hang. 

2. More booking date options

When you have more photographers you have more dates open to choose from!! There are only so many weekends in a year that we can photograph weddings. The wedding season tends to be May-June and Sept-Nov here in Northern Arizona. So with that we love to offer more dates to couples looking to get married in those windows of time. 

Along with our mini session dates in the fall we now offer 4x more dates for families looking for aspen fall leave colors for their Christmas card or updated family photos. 

If something happens to your photographer and she cannot be there to shoot, with a team there is always around to step in! Knowing that in the back of your head is extra insurance and why to hire a photography team! We all have each others backs and clients backs in this way. Life is life and sometimes things happen but when it does it’s nice to have a team to support you. 

3. Professional + Communicative to craft a boutique experience 

We pride ourselves on excellent communication and professionalism in all of our client experiences from beginning to end. When you hire a Team to work with you know you are guaranteed a certain level of high end professionalism when it comes to communication and process. Because we have our workflow nailed down and it runs smoothly you can be ensure each of the team members will deliver clear communication from the first email sent to the final one. We have many clients who come back to us year after year looking to work with their photographer from the HRG Team specifically because of the experience they offered to them. 

The team has your back! 

4. Level of experience

Hannah Rose has an eye for photographers and ones that will fit well the HRG Team. She chooses these photographers based on personality, work ethic, but also talent. She has learned you cannot teach someone values and work ethic but you can teach them lighting. So no matter what these photographers have been vetted to deliver the utmost care and beauty for every single wedding or session they photograph. All the photographers on the team have at least 4 years experience of photography under the belt along with all having their own individual photography businesses which allows them to provide more for their families and shooting while they are not booked with the HRG Team. 

Learn more about each team member on our about page.

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The Hannah Rose Gray Team is a boutique photography team aimed on documenting your family legacy with authenticity, fun, and passion! We believe in making friends over clients, creating an unique experience for each friend that comes our way, and creating art that will last generations.


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