El Chorro Phoenix Desert Wedding

Bride And Groom Kissing

Phoenix Wedding Photographer shoots at El Chorro

El Chorro is one of my favorite venues to photograph weddings in Phoenix. It is lush with desert landscape, big trees, and beautiful Spanish white architecture. All my weddings at this venue are to die for because of how the sunlight peaks through the trees and the mountain views of Camelback Mountain. This wedding was no different. In Phoenix, 115 degree heat, we sweated all day but was one thousand percent worth every second!

Logan and Parker had one of the most beautiful weddings day. After having to reschedule their wedding for the THIRD time due to COVID-19, they were ecstatic to finally get to their wedding day. The colors, the Phoenix desert landscape, and the guests energy were all one to remember. Their sweet love was on full display and dazzling this day!! The words Logan spoke about his family and new bride were some of the most heartfelt truest words I’ve ever heard. I even teared up during his vows. I love days like this because it reminded me of what this is ALL about. It’s about family, enduring love, and friendship.

The vendors on this wedding day were some of my favorite to work with! The planner knocked it OUT of the park on planning, designing, and coordinating. I cannot rave enough about her and her team. The florals were ridiculously beautiful and added the perfect pops of color throughout the whole day. I want to go back to this wedding and shoot it all again in at El Chorro in that beautiful desert landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. I could do without the heat though! haha

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Flagstaff Best Wedding Venues

Flagstaff Wedding Photographers

Flagstaff is nestled at 7,000 ft high in the largest ponderosa pine tree forest in the country. Many couples get married here every year but there are really only a few top wedding venues in this town. You could do the classic hippie Flagstaff thing by getting married in the middle of the forest but it’s not as easy as one would think. Thankfully, there are six great venues here in Flagstaff that provide mountain views, forest access, and beautiful buildings to host a wedding. 

1.The Sycamore Venue Flagstaff 

I love love love this new venue in town!! It’s bright, white wood, and has mountain views! That is a first for Flagstaff. It’s a big white barn that has so many options for your wedding day. Inside ceremony options but I am drawn most to the outside location with a few of the peaks for ceremony. Located on the East side of Flagstaff about 20 mins from downtown it’s not a far drive to get this amazing venue.


2.The Arboretum at Flagstaff 

The Arboretum at Flagstaff is a lovelyyyy beautiful option for a wedding. It has lush green grass, flowers and plants everywhere, and pine trees scattered for the classic mountains look. The ceremony option has an amazing view of the mountain with large vast landscape behind it. For reception there is only the option for a tent or just out under the trees. But I promise it’s so good!!!


3.Forest Highlands

For more of the classy look, Forest Highlands, has the option for a few different locations to have weddings on their site. Depending on what time of year there are options to have your wedding on the course with a view of the peaks or inside if it’s too cold! The clubhouses are designed really well with a bright clean look that can host many many guests!


4.Aldea Weddings

This is also a new venue in Flagstaff! Just 15 minutes from downtown, Aldea Weddings offer the lodge pine trees forest look that is hard to come by. With a big deck for reception outside you are in the pine trees all day! Their modern look inside offers getting ready rooms and good entrance options for your guests. Excited about this new venue!


5.The Gardens at Viola’s

If you want flowers galore look no further than Viola’s Flower Garden in Flagstaff!! With indoor and outdoor options, this venue can offer a variety for your wedding day. You don’t even need that much decor when the venue already looks THIS good with an abundance of flowers.


6.The Nordic Village

This venue is truly in the woods! Located about 30-40 minutes from downtown Flagstaff, Nordic Village is ALL about the forest. The ceremony location is in the woods, the tent is in the woods, everything is in the woods!! With beautiful aspen trees close to you get a variety look with white tree trunks and pine trees. You really feel like you are in the woods at this venue!


No matter what venue you go for here, you will love the options Flagstaff has to offer for wedding days. Reach out if you have any questions! [email protected]

Xo-Hannah Rose Gray

DIY Terracotta Vases

Trash to Terracotta

I saw this on a friends page and thought… I need to do this. My dinning room needs some fun terra-cotta pots for the new look in there!! Pretty cheap as well!! It gives great color and texture to any space. 

Here is how I did it:

What you’ll need:

  • Saver’s or Good Will glasses, vases, pots, old ones from around the house
  • White Primer 
  • Baking Soda
  • Paint samples from Home Depot. Here are some color ideas: vanilla mocha, almond latte, orange flambo, nairobi dusk 
  • Brushes
  • Plastic cup + stirring method 

Step 1: PRIME

Prime the shit out of all your glasses. Mine were all different textures so what is best is to prime them so the paint will stick easier. 

2 coats! A few hours in between. 

I let mine sit in the sun outside (in dry Arizona) so it went fast. If you live in humidity you might want to wait a few more hours or even over night. 

I flipped them and primed upside down as well. 


I did about a 1/2 cup (poured into plastic cup ) mixed with 2-3 Tablespoons of baking soda. This is what causes the textured look on outside of vases! Don’t miss this step. Mix it all up. 

Step 3: PAINT

Paint with brushes onto vases. A good thick layer. I ended up doing two coats on all vases just to be sure!! The second round I added more baking soda so I got more of a textured look. 

Step 4: DRY

Let them dry overnight before you touch or more them!


Place them around the house with fun grass coming out or just them by its self on a shelf looks great!

xoxo- Han