2020 Book List

HRG’s favorite books for the year

Alrightttt here we are. The end of another year and many many many books down. I always start with my bookclubs book list and go on to the others I read this year. Despite COVID…our bookclub did meet twice in person after March and a few months on Zoom. (no one likes zoom…let’s be honest) We took off many months so we could all read whatever we wanted. So here are the books we read together:


Other Favorite books I read in 2020:

2021 Top Reading List:

KEEP reading xoxo

-Hannah Rose

Sakara Life // Sedona, AZ

Whitney , Owner + Founder

I had the immense honor of photographing this amazing woman a few times over the last year. She is the co owner and founder of an amazinggggg company called Sakara Life where they focus on healing the body through. They send out quarterly packages of food, vitamins, and clean beauty products. Their company is a really solid female owned company based in New York City. Whitney was a JOY to work with. So kind and fun.

Front Porch Project- Flagstaff, AZ

During quarantine Easter happened. It was weird to not celebrate with other people but it was just the start of this whole COVID experience…so no one knew what to do. My church put together a little drive around the town for me to photograph families on their front porch. It was a sweet way to document families on their front porch. They were celebrating Easter already and I just swung by for 5 mins!! So fun to have this documented for history.

Intimate Sedona, Arizona Elopement

Quarantine Intimate Elopement // ASHLEIGH + MARK //

Oh young sweet love, my favorite kind. Despite quarantine orders, Ashleigh and Mark wanted to elope. I had many many many couples this year just go ahead and pull the trigger, not wanting to wait to see when the world would open again and have another wedding day. So in the rainy April Sedona sky, they tied the knot in a small backyard. Away from people and noise and chaos…their love stood true.

We had a fun rainy day in Sedona, which doesn’t happen very often. But despite the rain the day was perfect. Who needs to wait to get married anyway! They ended up having their brunch wedding in December (that blog will come soon!!) with all their friends and loved ones by. But this Sedona quarantined elopement was just the way it was suppose to be!

Nalu // Oahu, Hawaii

I LOVE NALU Health Food Bar!!! They now have three locations on the island of Oahu in Hawaii but I fell in love with the one in Kailua! The owner is so so so sweet. I get to photograph for her every time I come over to the island. They have the best food, so colorful and fresh. I love spending time photographing their product. Dream product for me.