Willow Magical Arizona Wedding

“As we grow old may it be told that we never lost our flame. If love is a fire then our desire it to burn a whole tank. “ -Josh Garrels

THE tension between Ben and Charlotte, all the time, but especially on their wedding day can be described using these words: spicy, sexy, and steamy. 

So if that helps you at all understand their first dance, or the kiss during the ceremony, or the portrait session. They are so incredibly in love with each other which is apparent not only through the physical but also their deeply connected hearts and minds. 

Arizona offers a variety of venues and theirs was ON POINT! Filled with willow trees, windmill, and Italian looking stucco, I didn’t have a hard time finding places to photograph! This is my fourth wedding with this great group of friends in Flagstaff. The groomsmen were so use to my directions. BTW- they all love being in front of the camera, it’s hysterical. The girls, I mean just look at them, SO freaking beautiful. I couldn’t take a bad photo even if I tried at their wedding. 

I really love it when couples don’t do a first look. The tension in the room is full of wonder, excitement, and celebration. When we invite our community into that place I think we are offering a human experience that is rare and honest. To see the grooms reaction as he sees his bride walk down the isle, to watch the father of the bride give his daughter away, and to see the space between two people be almost visible, doesn’t happen anywhere else. I think it’s an honor to be invited into that shared experience. That it was for Ben and Charlotte. I might have teared up a little bit when photographing. It’s always when the guy starts crying during his vows is when I tear up. I watch the parents face through my camera lens, which mind you no one other then the bridal party can see, and I loose it. Both sets of parents have prayed and thought about this moment in their child’s life. It’s as if you can feel the father’s happiness yet sadness of the reality that his little girl is no longer little. And the mother of the groom’s face holds all the years of doubt and unknowns for her sons future. It all gets tied up during the ceremony, with a wash of relief as the couple kisses and walks into the next stage of their life together. 

Punta Cana, DR Destination Wedding

All the right tropical beach family feels at this wedding!! I cannot express to you the amazingness of these two humans. They are parents to three adorable children, give unconditionally to their community, and are so loving towards each other. It’s a real shame we didn’t have ANY fun at their wedding 😉

The Zoetry Agua, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, was where this wedding took place. Nestled inside of hundreds of palm trees there are swimming pools wrapped around each hidden bungalow that laid across the beautiful grounds. This all inclusive resort was top notch when it came to service and excellence. Austin and Alli picked one of the best to celebrate their love. Both grew up in Victoria, Texas where they met 6 months after both their sons were born. Now they’ve been together for four years and share a baby girl that is probably the most adorable child I’ve ever seen. The family they’ve created together is one that is inviting, inclusive to all, and fun!! They know how to party!

50 of their friends and family flew in for this special week! They are truly so loved by the people around them. The speeches brought everyone to tears in the room, the moments just hanging in the pool was intentional good conversation, and everyone welcomed me right into their community of friends. I cannot say enough good things about this couple and their wedding day. Alli and Austin wanted a simple beach wedding and that they got!! I’m convinced more people need to do destination weddings simply for the fact of QUALITY TIME with the most important people in their life. Alli told me it was the best choice they made!

RESORT INFO: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g147293-d649099-Reviews-Zoetry_Agua_Punta_Cana-Punta_Cana_La_Altagracia_Province_Dominican_Republic.html

The Red Agave Wedding

Oh the beauty of Sedona and this couple took my breath away. The day started with hovering thunderstorms and soft winds. Nicole and Justin wanted to get married up in Sedona because of the beauty. They have been together for years and years and have two twin four year olds that are the cutest things in the world. This day was all about family and the love between these two.

The Red Agave venue is perfect for small weddings because everyone can rent out a cabin to stay right on site!! The ceremony and reception is all on the same property with a gorgeous red rock landscape right behind. Justin and Nicole are kind, gentle, funny kind of people. I want to be around them all the time if I could! Justin is a chef and Nicole is a nurse. They wanted their day to be revolved around family, beauty, and good food of course!!

Moments right before the ceremony the lighting struck and let out a big rain storm for 10 minutes! When all was done the wedding day went on without an issue. I always believed the rain is a lucky thing on a wedding day. The heavens are clapping along with everyone else in those moments. The burrito truck was probably their best idea at the wedding!! What a fun idea. They danced the night away with the most lovely speeches given by family members and close friends. It even got me in tears.

Tulum, Mexico Colorful Wedding

Destination weddings are my very favorite. They are intimate and full of quality time with the best people. This one was no different! The Dreams resort in Tulum, Mexico was one of the loveliest resorts I’ve been to. It had quirk, Mexican architecture, and pools everywhere! Christian and Ryan wanted a laid back wedding where their friends could gather and play all week.

Kim Duncan Design from Flagstaff, AZ went down to plan and design the wedding. IT WAS to die for. The pops of gem tone colors, velvet couches, and overflowing floral designs. Just wait till you scroll down and see!! The day was perfect other than the rain showers at night. But no one seemed to care!! We all ended up dancing in the rain with muddy feet and happy hearts. The night ended with a jump in the pool with the bridal party. It was a day I will not forget.

Desert Cactus Wedding Day

Autumn in Phoenix is no joke!! It’s still 90 degrees and hot. But it was perfect for Kaitlyn + Brandon’s desert backyard wedding! This day was all things lovely. From her bountiful florals, to blue skies, to the sweetest vows spoken. Their day was magic.

Kaitlyn + Brandon met years ago in Flagstaff out dancing at the local two step bar. She is from Phoenix, he from Flagstaff. But they decided to get married down in the desert because it’s different and unique. Their friends had a backyard where lots of weddings took place and they knew this was the perfect location. Full of lush green trees and a green grass for days!

At the end of the day-the heat didn’t bother anyone. Their love was displayed for all to see and Brandon couldn’t keep his eyes off of her!

Juniper, Florida Cute Couple

Claudette and Brian are from Cuba. Their families moved to Miami when they were children and have strong roots to Cuba still. Because of this their families cannot come over to celebrate for a big wedding. Instead they are just going to the court house and having a small dinner party with their immediate families. I was traveling out to Miami for a wedding and they found my through the bride! She booked immediately with this vision in mind.  To have an engagement/wedding picture mix! 

We drove all together from Miami to Jupiter Florida. The sun was setting and the wind was strong. But Claudette and Brian were able to wrap up in each others arms in this beautiful location unlike anything else I’ve ever seen in Florida! The Blowing Rocks Preserve stretches on for a few miles with rough jagged rocks on the cost line of southern Florida. We had the most perfect sunset and they ended up dancing in the water by the end of the shoot. Afterwards we went to a local beach club for music and tacos!!