Cathedral Rock Engagement Session in Sedona, AZ


Corinne + Ryan visit Arizona quickly but stop for a session

I asked how they met… it was in Hawaii, on the Big Island of course, at a local cafe called Day Light Mines. There was a band playing but the music stopped when Ryan saw Corinne. It was her smile he told me that drew him in. Ryan is not the typical guy… he is extreme and adventurous in ways that scares people and he is so kind. He goes for what he wants. And he wanted Corinne. She walked past him and instantly he asked her her name. From what I recalled of the story it was INSTANT attraction. I see it like a scene in a movie. Hawaii breeze coming in through the open doors, ocean waves below crashing, and a jazz band playing in the background. Can you see it? Soft lighting and happy faces.

With in and instant their lives shifted. No longer was it just Ryan’s adventure or Corinne’s adventure moving out from South Carolina to teach kids on island.. it slowly but surely because their adventure. They are travelers, hikers, ocean lovers, risk takers, and dream makers. They are SO HAPPY and it’s contagious. They started an organization together called Paradise 2 Purpose whose goal is to help individuals/ organizations travel but with more of a mindful, conscious, environmentally sustainable way. They believe in helping people in every culture they travel too through outreach and sustainable ways. They are rockstars who are also getting married next month!!!

I met Ryan a few years ago on my first trip out to the Big Island with some friends. Through the art of social media we stayed connected and I watched his life change when he met Corinne and have traveled a long on their journey through instagram with creating Paradise 2 Purpose. They are some of the coolest people I’ve met and wish you all could meet them as well. check out their website:


Kaitlyn + Brandon // Flagstaff, AZ

OKAYYY they are the cutest couple wow… Brandon and Kaitlyn met two step dancing in Flagstaff a few years ago. So rightly so they danced all night during our engagement session. And giggled A LOT. He was nervous and she was confident about taking photos. They danced and laughed and fell even more in love under the Flagstaff sun with those mountains in the background that humble all our souls.

Holly + Sean // Grand Canyon,AZ

Holly + Sean

Grand Canyon National Park

Holly and Sean met in Flagstaff over four years ago at a bar downtown where all the locals hang out. There was mutual attraction of course but Holly sorta forgot about him till she saw him again at the same bar few months later. Not realizing she had met him before they started chatting. Now on the other hand, Sean knew exactly who Holly was on the second meeting. He couldn’t stop thinking about that cute girl at Hop’s he had met. They chatted but didn’t exchange numbers until….

They ran into each other again on a training trip for their jobs. They are both River Guides in the Colorado River. It was pretty instant from that moment on. They spend 6 months out of their year in the Canyon, guiding people through the river. It’s a humbling experience they tell me every time they return home from a trip. Two weeks on a week off or so throughout the whole summer. Let’s just say…. they’re kinda badass’s. They ski, hike, climb, hunt, remodeled a house, went to Thailand, and Belize to scuba dive recently in their off season.

We really enjoyed our raining windy night at the canyon together last week. Wow are they goofy together, which lends to a great photo session. Full of laughter.

El Chorro Phoenix, Arizona Desert Wedding

Audrey + Kevin

El Chorro // Phoenix, Arizona // March 3rd

Phoenix in the spring is a site to see! Pink beautiful flowers blooming, cactus full of green, and everyone out and about. Chilly winter days are over but the heat of summer is headed soon. Audrey and Kevin waited for the very best moment of the year to get married. People from across the country flock to Phoenix in the spring for sports events but mostly the weather. Perfect 75 and sunny every day without fail. Their wedding could not have gone better even if they tried. Every detail did not go untouched or forgotten. I almost don’t want to write anything and want the photos to speak for themselves…..but I have to write just a little 🙂

A few years ago Kevin had just returned from school in California where he acquired a man bun and a beach tan. Audrey went out with her girlfriends on St. Patrick’s days not expecting to meet this stud of a man. Full of wild and wonder their relationship started after talking ALL night at a bar. I must say, after knowing them for over a year, the match Kevin and Audrey make literally couldn’t be better. She is compassionate, creative, and spunky. He is genuine, intentional, and calm.

The day started at BeeSpoken, a quaint Inn in downtown Scottsdale. Laughter was abundant and mimosa’s were flowing. Did I mention how FREAKING BEAUTIFUL every little detail of this wedding was thought through and remembered? Yeahhhh… it was a dream to photograph this day from start to end. The Arizona sun, I’m telling you, has something about it I’m obsessed with. Crisp bright light!! Audrey and her girls, who consisted of sisters, cousins, and best friends from college, gathered around as she got her hair and make up done in a upscale well designed chic room at the Inn. The guys played games downstairs and drank good ole beer together.

El Chorro, the wedding venue, is a happening place in North Scottsdale. With flowing fountains, Spanish styled architecture, and amazing food nestled by mountains and desert, it’s an oasis for celebrations. Can I just say… wow. Just wait till you scroll down and see every detail and color come all together. Audrey and Kevin share this love for their friends and family that was their motivating factor in their wedding day. They created a beautiful day for their people to take part in. There is something to be said about beauty and how it invites us into rest and take a step away from the chaos of the world. Each wedding does this for me.It’s not about the flowers or the cake or the venue necessarily, although it helps you be drawn into beauty. It’s the moments that are shared between two families coming together, friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time, and a ceremony that only happens once a lifetime. Weddings invite us, for one night, to reconnect, eat good food with good friends, and have fun dancing like a kid again.

I’ve never seen the father of a bride be so in love with his new son coming into the family as I watched Audrey’s Dad invite Kevin in. It made me tear up thinking about how they once were strangers but overtime became family. Their wedding was full of these kind of moments throughout the day. Two families joining and SO freakin excited about it. This one will be written down in the books for me. Enjoy looking through the beautiful photos, they were so fun to take!

VENDORS: Venue: El Chorro // Dress: Uptown Bridal // Flowers: AZ Wildflower // Planning: Revel Wedding Co. // Hair: Madi Sienicki // Make Up: Hailey- Blended Skincare // Linens: La Tavola // Rentals: Confetti Studio, Tremaine Ranch // Cake: Ruze Cake House // Live Music: Kyle Kovalchick // DJ: Ray the DJ // Videography: Corona Films Co. // Photobooth: Mirror Me Photo Booth // Paper items: Minted